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Want to share your dog stories and pet tales with us? We sure hope so!

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What does your dog mean to you? How did your dog come to be a part of your family?

Cat lovers - we want to learn about your pet, too. What's it like owning a cat? Are they mischievous?

And what about other pets like rabbits? Is owning a rabbit really any fun? What kind of things to you do with a rabbit?

This will be the place for all of our other furry friends to share their adventures, stories, and photos with us Schnauzers. Can't wait to read and learn all about you!

Schnauzers Rule but our Friends are Cool, too! Arrooo!

NOTE: Stories MUST be at least 150 words in order to be included.
Here's an example story of a little Cocker Spaniel puppy:

cocker spaniel dog story I always thought Cocker Spaniels were the most beautiful dog breed. So when the time came to get a dog, it was just a matter of finding the right one. The minute I saw Sadie, I knew she was for me. A beautiful blonde cocker that had the sweetest personality.

So far we are enjoying the puppy stage of life. Learning how to potty outside and a few basic commands. She knows how to Sit and Shake ;) Every day we go for a walk in our neighborhood. Everyone is just oohs and ahs over her. She likes everybody and enjoys playing in the yard with our 7 year old daughter, Emily.

Emily is taking on lots of the responsibilities of owning a dog and we are happy that she is learning all about responsible dog ownership.

I have to mention that although this is a Schnauzer site, I find the information you provide very useful for our dog, as well. I really like the easy to understand explanations on the health topics.

Schnauzers may Rule but our Cocker Sadie does, too!

Sharon Gardner, Minnesota

Let’s see how many different pet stories from across the world we can get to contribute. Tell all your pet pals to post their story & photos here!

And if you own a Miniature Schnauzer, be sure to create a free web pet page for him or her. You can do that here: Miniature Schnauzer Stories.

Great Pet Tales from Our Pals

To all our non-Schnauzer furry friends..... We love you, too!

Please share your pet's story and photos with us.

Doesn't matter what type of dog breed your are. Heck, you don't even have to be a dog. You can be a cat, a bird, a squirrel......Hey wait a minute, NO SQUIRRELS ;) but any other pet is okay!

We can't wait to read all about your pet! 150 words minimum

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Gypsy Nash, 
"When a schnauzer is on her cycle and just needs a SNICKER!😂😂 " Here is 2 year old Gypsy Nash, which her birthday is on Christmas Day! December 25 and …

Tyson loves to go outside a lot he is two and a half years old. He is a little cute bean. Him and I usually play around with a ball that he’s learning …

Agnes the Miniature Schnauzer (Planning and Preparing for a Schnauzer) 
Planning for Your Schnauzer: Story time When I was in the fourth grade, my older sister was in sixth. She had a teacher for science, who I will call Mr. …

Ginger, the labrador 
Hello peeps this blog would be about me. I was this average young (dumb and broke) boy who was pretty scared of dogs in my earlier life. I would literally …

Loving caring and soo cute when I talk gibberish she is also a guide dog but she has been hurt before and we are helping her she is soo caring when we …

Jacob the Schnauzer 
My family found Jacob on facebook for $200. The son of a guy at work my dad knows won him as a prize, but he did not want him. We had been planning to …

Ben Schnauzer 
Ben was almost dead when we rescued him. He was emaciated, night was long and stringy and sparse, he had hook worms and kennel cough and didn't have the …

I always thought the Labrador Retriever was the most beautiful dog breed. So when the time came to get a dog, it was just a matter of finding the right …

The Hollywood Brigade and Their Pets 
Work-out partners, walking buddies, break-up healers and show stealers, these A-list pooches are redefining the cliché “it's a dog’s life”.  While their …

Teica the Cat 
My cat Teica is a maine coon mix and she is just amazing! We have three cats at our house, but she is definitely my cat. She sleeps right beside me every …

Toby was half Dachshund, half Manchester Terrier, and all energy, even though he was quite small. In fact, he was too small to be left alone in the backyard. …

Socket, Blitz and Fritz 
I had the unfortunate task of helping Rachet go to the Rainbow bridge a little over a month ago. He left behind Socket my White Mini Schnauzer. With …

Kileigh came to us in the year of 2006. She was a stray that was desperately looking for someone to take her in. When I first saw her, I automatically …

Bosco , the Shadow 
It was the first day of January 2001. I was ten years old then. For years I was pestering my parents for a dog. That new year eve, I decided to spend with …

Tamba, the cat 
I always wanted a kitten when i was younger and on my 9th birthday that's just what i got. Now here is Tamba's all time best story. My family and i …

Ducky Morkie 
Ducky was born with hydrocephalus. He was taken away from his mom too young and is not socialized. He two brothers are very healthy and were adopted by …

Yorkshire Terrier Spud Muffin  
Spud was given away by the family he has been with since he was a pup. They decided they didn't have time or money for him anymore. They told us he didn't …

Yorkshire Terrier Sparky 
I came to mom's home as a foster with Clyde in June 2008. Mom adopted him and took me until she finds a good home for me. Well, she did cuz she decided …

Yorkshire Terrier Clyde 
Mom adopted me and my bestest buddy Sparky. I love it here but one thing scares me though... Thunderstorms! My new siblings are all nice to me and …

Kinko Poodle 
I was looking at adoptable dogs on and came across Kinko's photo. When I saw those eyes, I couldn't resist and applied to adopt him. On …

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Tickle 
Tickle is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff and he is between 9 and 12 years old. He was adopted 3 years ago by a couple from the SPCA and were told he was …

Sammie Poochon - Bichon Poodle  
Your life started in a puppy mill and that's what is was for the first 6 1/2 years of your life. Until a wonderful lady rescued you. She took you into …

Yorkshire Terrier Pooh Bear  
Pooh Bear was rescued on Oct. 7, 2008. A breeder let him go because he is older and has a breathing problem. He was very overweight and we had him tested. …

Faith Bergamasco 
During the summer of 2009, I was driving to one of our foster homes with my groomer. Our plan was to spend the day there to bathe and groom the dogs. Suddenly, …

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Yorkshire Terrier Macee  
Macee came to us because he was born with a heart condition, a 5/6 heart murmur. We took him to the specialist and he did an echo-cardiogram and a sonogram. …

Labrador Retriever Tux 
We just love Rescue pets and have adopted 3 dogs and 2 cats from our favorite humane society. Tux is the latest addition to our family. He was surrendered …

Yorkshire Terrier Abigale June 
Hi my name is Abigale June and I was born right here in Ocala, Florida that is why my mom gave me a southern name. I was born on April 17, 2006. I came …

Soleil Shih Tzu 
Soleil was rescued from a puppymill breeder and was in real bad shape. She had almost no hair on her body and was very frightened and shy. She had severe …

Golden Retriever Bailey 
We got Bailey 8 years ago when friends of ours were moving and couldn't take him with them. He was 2 years old. Bailey loves to swim and catch frisbees. …

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