Schnauzer Bumps

Schnauzer Bumps or comedone syndrome, is a skin condition that mainly affects the Schnauzer breed, hence the name. They are not contagious to other dogs or humans.

They are usually found along the spine of the dog and may or may not be pus-filled. They are believed to develop due to blocked sebaceous glands, which secrete a lubricating oily matter (sebum) into hair follicles to lubricate the skin and hair. Exposure to sunlight helps lessen the frequency of the outbreaks.

Our home remedies (see below) have helped thousands of Mini Schnauzers keep this condition at bay. We hope your Mini Schnauzer will respond favorably as well.

note: Be sure to always consult with your Veterinarian before beginning any health care regimen or treatment on your dog.

So, you wake up one morning to find a few little bumps developing upon your Schnauzer's back. They're kind of like little warts and you freak out a bit. You didn't notice them yesterday and now your Schnauzer has several of them. Well don't panic. Most than likely they're Schnauzer bumps and they are not harmful to your dog nor are they contagious to other dogs or humans.

That being said, they are one of the most reported health concerns from Schnauzer owners. Unfortunately for the Miniature Schnauzer, these little bumps or comedones are thought to be an inherited condition and may be present throughout the dog's life.

And while they pose no threat to your Schnauzer (unless they get infected) they drive Schnauzer owners crazy looking for a solution.

You will hear all sorts of theories and treatment options from dog groomers, vets, and other Schnauzer owners on how to cure them, but because no one really knows what actually causes them, a permanent solution to the problem has yet to be found.

Schnauzer bumps vary depending on the dog. Some Miniature Schnauzers have them all the time, others experience dog bumps or flare-ups from time to time, and some Miniature Schnauzers never get them at all.

The dogs with the condition have their owners begging for a solution. So below are some of the treatment options you might want to try if your Miniature Schnauzer is one of the unlucky ones with this condition.

NOTE: If your Schnauzer's skin bumps become infected, please consult with your veterinarian as a round of antibiotics might be needed. Also, always consult with your vet when detecting any new dog lumps or bumps on your dog.

Preventing Schnauzer Bumps

Again, there is no cure for Schnauzer Bumps, but some Miniature Schnauzer owners have reported relief from using some of the methods below:

Ways to help minimize bump outbreaks:

  • Benzoyl peroxide shampoos
  • Applications of witch hazel, or hydrogen peroxide to the actual bumps
  • Keeping the hair clipped short

Other Schnauzer owners have had success by changing or experimenting with their Schnauzer's diet. Also, switching to a dog food that does not contain corn, seems to help.

Click here to read comments from other Schnauzer owners and share your own experience in treating these dog bumps.

Because there is no known cure for these Schnauzer skin bumps or comedones, skin treatment is aimed at managing the dog bumps and keeping breakouts under control. So be aware that flare-ups in varying degrees may occur throughout your dog's life.

Our personal experience treating Schnauzer Bumps:

Below is the method we ( used to successfully treat this skin ailment on our own dogs. My hope is it will work for your dogs, too. As always, consult with your Veterinarian before beginning any treatment on your dog.

  1. Bathe your Schnauzer frequently (2 times a week) using an antimicrobial cleansing formula shampoo. This will inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoans, as well as remove any excess oils and dirt that clog the hair follicles. Frequent bathing is only necessary at the beginning and depends on the severity of the problem. After 2 weeks, begin bathing once a week.
  2. Put some of the medicated shampoo on your Schnauzers back and use a natural bristle brush or a finishing dog brush to distribute the shampoo over the affected area (but don't scrub too hard). Leave the shampoo on your dog's coat for 10 minutes before rinsing well.
  3. I know 10 minutes is a long time when bathing your dog, so here's how I do it. I prep the back as just described. Then I use a herbal dog shampoo to wash the unaffected areas of the body.... the sides, underbelly, legs, and so on thoroughly. Once I have finished cleaning all those areas, the time's up and I can start to rinse all the shampoo off!

  4. Feed your Schnauzer a healthy, holistic, grain-free dog food or prepare healthy homemade dog food for your Schnauzer.
  5. Supplement your Miniature Schnauzer's diet with a high quality dog supplement, omega 3 fatty acids, along with enzymes & probiotics.
  6. Every morning and evening, put some vinegar on a Qtip or cotton ball and wipe over the bumps.

This treatment has been successful for us at eliminating Schnauzer bumps completely. Again before starting any new diet or treatment on your Miniature Schnauzer consult with your vet.

Products for Treating Schnauzer Bumps

1. Feed your Miniature Schnauzer healthy, natural, grain free dog food. Some good choices: Honest Kitchen; Dr. Harvey's; Orijen; or Addiction.Or choose to prepare homemade meals for your dog.

2. Add daily supplements including Omega Fatty Acids and probiotics and enzymes.

3. Brush your Schnauzer daily which will remove loose dirt and debris while distributing healthy natural oils.

4. Bathe your Schnauzer weekly using an antimicrobial cleansing shampoo.

Grooming Products that Offer Relief for Schnauzer Bumps

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The dog skin condition referred to as Schnauzer Bumps is so named as the skin condition seems to be most prevalent among Miniature Schnauzers (although other dog breeds may be affected by it).

First appearing as small little bumps or just small crusty patches, these comedones can grow quite a bit larger becoming more pronounced. The large black bump in the second picture is NOT a Schnauzer bump. This is a fibroma and had to be surgically removed.

Fibromas appear as isolated, generally raised, often hairless lumps originating under the skin surface. They feel firm and rubbery (fibroma durum) or soft and mushy (fibroma molle) These tumors are benign and treatment is optional. However, complete surgical removal is recommended because they may grow quite large.
schnauzer bumps, fibroma

About Fibromas - From Merck's Medical Manual of Pet Health...

Fibromas appear as isolated, generally raised, often hairless lumps originating under the skin surface. They feel firm and rubbery (fibroma durum) or soft and mushy (fibroma molle) These tumors are benign and treatment is optional. However, complete surgical removal is recommended because they may grow quite large.

Read more about benign dog lumps and bumps.

schnauzer bumps, fibroma

Most Schnauzer comedones or skin bumps usually first appear along a dog's back, however, they may also appear on their ears, legs, tail, and even on your Schnauzer's head.

Medicated shampoos containing benzoyl peroxide offer some relief when used on a regular basis and adding a high quality dog supplement and omega 3 fatty acids to a dog's diet also seems to help most dogs suffering with this skin condition.

Sardines are a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids which help support skin and coat health.

One reader found that feeding her Mini Schnauzer a couple of sardines a week eliminated the itching and scabs from her dog completely!

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What Methods Have Proven Successful in Treating Your Miniature Schnauzer?

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From Facebook Comments: Hibiclens is an antimicrobial cleanser that bonds to the skin which helps to kill off bacteria. The Active Ingredients: Chlorhexidine Gluconate (4%). Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic cleaning solution and topical disinfectant of wounds. It is found in many of the antimicrobial shampoos and sprays for dogs.


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