Help for Finding Your Lost Dog

A Lost Dog: What would you do if your dog went missing? Just the thought sends chills down one's spine. But this is not the time to panic. Instead, you need to have a game plan in place and ready to go as ever minute counts.

The thing to remember is you have the best chance of being reunited with your Miniature Schnauzer if you are...

Prepared and Act Fast!

• Time is of the essence - Don't waste any time. The first few hours are critical in finding your Miniature Schnauzer! Get as many friends and people in your neighborhood to help with the search.

• Pictures & Posters - Distribute posters with pictures of your lost dog, in grocery stores, convenience stores, as well as posting your Miniature Schnauzer's pictures on telephone polls and buildings.

lost dog tip: Go to your nearby grocery stores and ask the store managers if it would be possible to allow you to post your flyer on the dog food aisle.

Why this is a good idea: If someone did find your Mini Schnauzer and decided to keep it a few days in hopes to find its rightful owner, they may need to buy some dog food.

• Phone Calls - Get on the phone and start calling people right away:

a) If your Miniature Schnauzer was microchipped, call your microchip provider and report that your Miniature Schnauzer has gone missing.

b) Make phone calls to your Vet, as well as any other nearby veterinary offices, so they are on alert your Miniature Schnauzer is missing.

c) Also, call your local animal control and animal shelter, the Humane Society, dog rescues, and your police department. Give them a detailed description of your Miniature Schnauzer along with your contact information. (also email or fax them whenever possible, your lost dog flyer)

lost dog tip: Go to shelters yourself and physically look for your Miniature Schnauzer. Sometimes the description you give by phone is not how your Miniature Schnauzer may look if he is there. Dogs that get lost sometimes become dirty and matted and may even look neglected. So go check it out for yourself to be sure.

• Update Answering Machine Message

- Be sure to record a message on your home answering machine and your cell phone's voicemail box to a message you would want someone that found your Miniature Schnauzer to hear. Speak clearly and be explicit and direct in your message.

• TV, Radio, & other Ads - Many local TV and Radio stations provide free announcements for such causes as a pet gone missing. Ask them to help you find your Miniature Schnauzer by making a community announcement. Also, check your local paper under the DOGS FOUND section and place an ad yourself in the paper that you Schnauzer has gone missing.

• Squeaky Toy - Carry with you on your search your Miniature Schnauzer's favorite squeaky toy. Dogs can hear sounds from very far away and the familiar sound of your Miniature Schnauzer's favorite toy, could get him running towards it!

• Use the Internet - There are several internet sites that are checked regularly for lost & found dogs, and allow you to post free ads. Check with Petfinder and Pet Amber Alert.

Also, if you belong to any social networks like Twitter or Facebook make announcements there as well! Just write about your missing Miniature Schnauzer on as many blogs as you can and link back to a page with your dog's photo and description. Aks your friends and family to repost and share the link with their friends too.

Info for Flyers & Posters

Be sure to provide identifiable information along with a recent photo, of your Miniature Schnauzer. Here are some tips to keep in mind on what you should and should not include on your lost dog flyers & posters:

• Photo: Do include a recent photo of your Miniature Schnauzer. If you do not have a recent photo try and find one off the internet or from a book, that is the most similar to your Miniature Schnauzer.

• Description: Be specific about any identifiable marks, colorings, microchip ID number, ID tags, etc... of your lost dog. And always include your Miniature Schnauzer's name, breed, sex, age, and weight.

• Reward: Offering a reward is good idea and usually helps motivate people but don't list how much. Ads that offer too big of a reward may have some people wondering about your Miniature Schnauzer's value and then they may decide not to return your Schnauzer to you.

It's also not a good idea to describe your Miniature Schnauzer as a purebred or champion. Again, the monetary value may persuade some people not to do the right thing, and keep your dog instead. This is when a more generic description is best, like: "Very friendly, family pet."

And another good tip: If your Miniature Schnauzer has a special medical condition and needs medication (like a Schnauzer with diabetes) you can post that as well. Having this information out there may help intensify the search efforts by casting a sense of urgency in finding your Miniature Schnauzer.

• Contact Info: Provide your first name and phone number(s) ~ home & cell phone number. Be sure to change your answering machine message to one that explains you are looking for your lost dog.

When someone does contact you, be sure to have them describe the dog they found thoroughly, before you provide them with any further personal or contact information. If you feel the dog they have found is your Mini Schnauzer, don't go it alone. Take someone with you when you go to retrieve your Miniature Schnauzer and plan a meeting with the person who has your dog in a very public place.

lost dog safety tip: Be wary of pet-scams and those who call claiming they found your Miniature Schnauzer and insist you give them money before they will return your Miniature Schnauzer to you.

Don't Give Up - Stay Positive - Keep Looking

If after a few days your lost dog has still not been recovered, don't give up! Many a lost dogs have been reunited with their owners after years of separation.

Being prepared in advance for a lost or stolen dog is so important. The fastest way to get your Miniature Schnauzer back home is to make sure he is always wearing his Pet ID Tags and be sure to microchip your dog.

Also, make sure you have on-hand, a good recent photo of your Miniature Schnauzer that is available to use for flyers & posters.

• Emergency Phone Numbers: Keep the emergency phone numbers handy of all the places you contacted in your search and check with them every 3 to 5 days and let them know you are still searching for your Miniature Schnauzer.

• Stay Positive - You know by now, Miniature Schnauzer's love being with their owners more than anything else. Keep the faith, continue your search, stay positive, and believe that you will be reunited with your Miniature Schnauzer once again.

• Correct the Escape - One last thing, after your Miniature Schnauzer is back in your loving home, make sure you identify the way your dog was able to get out and correct it.

If your Miniature Schnauzer accidentally got out because your 5 year old left the front door open, be sure and keep your doors locked. If you have a hole under your fence, or a gate that doesn't latch properly, etc... GET IT FIXED!

Whatever the reason was that precipitated your Miniature Schnauzer being separated from you, be sure and resolve it so this never happens again.


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