by Jackie Amador
(West New York )

My beautiful honeybun

My beautiful honeybun

Tyson loves to go outside a lot he is two and a half years old. He is a little cute bean. Him and I usually play around with a ball that he’s learning how to play with now. He is very caring and carefully when it comes to getting food from people’s hands.His breed is a mix which are a Bison Maltese. He gets really sad if he see’s you petting another dog that is not him.

Tyson was born on October 9th, 2016. Since he is still a baby I’m teaching him how to catch a treat and etc. But anyways he’s about to be three years every since I got him he was given to me when he had turned one year old. I love coming to him because he always makes my days turn around if I’m sad he always finds a way to make me happy. He’s really playful and sometimes a sleepy head. I’m so happy to have someone like and no matter what he knows I will always love him.

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by: Anonymous

Tyson is adorable and I am glad he makes you so happy. I can relate...my mini schnauzer, Kipton, passed away from cancer in Dec. 2017 and I still miss the way he would brighten up my day and make me laugh. Treasure each day with Tyson!


by: Anonymous

Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful furs! They always understand how we are feeling. My schnauzer is 14 and been a therapy dog for 12 years. I love to watch him work with the patients because he always knows what they need.

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