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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

Double The Love

I was seeking to rescue a female pet to give my schnauzer a playmate and sister to love, I saw 2 schnauzers on our local TV station they were at Pets

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Agnes the Miniature Schnauzer (Planning and Preparing for a Schnauzer)

Planning for Your Schnauzer: Story time When I was in the fourth grade, my older sister was in sixth. She had a teacher for science, who I will call Mr.

Continue reading "Agnes the Miniature Schnauzer (Planning and Preparing for a Schnauzer)"

Top 3 Medications for Common Health Issues

Our four-legged friends trust in us when it comes to making the right decisions for their overall happiness and wellbeing. Therefore, it is imperative

Continue reading "Top 3 Medications for Common Health Issues"

Why does my boy tucker a mini schnauzer keep digging when he tries to lay down on the carpets or rugs ?

Why does my boy Tucker dig when he lays down on the carpets or rugs and why does he always shake like he’s cold or freezing or nervous I DONT get it and

Continue reading "Why does my boy tucker a mini schnauzer keep digging when he tries to lay down on the carpets or rugs ? "


Miss Suzie will be fourteen in October. I went to buy a puppy one day and didn't not realize until I arrived that the place was a puppy mill. The owner

Continue reading "Miss SUZIE DOOSEY FLOOSEY "

Bye Whitefoot

I'm sorry that I wasn't there to comfort you on your last days on earth. I'm gonna miss you girl! It wasn't fair that they kept it a secret from me, I

Continue reading "Bye Whitefoot"

Meet the Miniature Schnauzer Bros

Greetings, we are Benjamin and Chester the Miniature Schnauzer Bros. We are salt and pepper miniature schnauzer brothers. We are almost nine months old

Continue reading "Meet the Miniature Schnauzer Bros "

Traveling Etiquette for Your Dog

Your pets are basically part of your family. I can understand why it's so hard to leave them behind and out of the fun while planning a family vacation.

Continue reading "Traveling Etiquette for Your Dog"

stop jumping on people

Lacy is a white miniature Schnauzer. She is loving and house trained. However the one thing I can't get her to stop is jumping on everyone. I have tried

Continue reading "stop jumping on people"

Love you Monkey

I lost my best friend a few days ago, he was about to turn 5 years old. He was caring, loving, playful and simply the best friend I could've asked for.

Continue reading "Love you Monkey"

Mr Happy Hotpants Twizzler


Continue reading "Mr Happy Hotpants Twizzler"

Ginger, the labrador

Hello peeps this blog would be about me. I was this average young (dumb and broke) boy who was pretty scared of dogs in my earlier life. I would literally

Continue reading "Ginger, the labrador"

Schnauzer fear of Rain or Snow (even without thunder). He will not pee in the wet or cold weather.

My Mini Schnauzer is 11 years old and will not pee or poop in the snow or rain. He will hold out for almost a day. I don't want to take him out at 3

Continue reading "Schnauzer fear of Rain or Snow (even without thunder). He will not pee in the wet or cold weather."

Obedience school before or after new home

I am wondering if I can send my puppy directly from the breeder to the trainer. I am considering a 12 to 16 week old female mini schnauzer. I know several

Continue reading "Obedience school before or after new home"

My Old Man

You were my Raider, my best friend, my listener, the one who stood by me no matter what. You defended me against other dogs. You might have been blind

Continue reading "My Old Man"

Bean the Rescue Pirate

My son used to be scared of dogs when he was little. While in 3rd grade a teacher brought her rescue dog...and Steven fell in love with it. After begging

Continue reading "Bean the Rescue Pirate"

Schnauz O Lantern

Everyone loves a carved pumpkin, with an illuminating candle on Halloween. So for Schnauzer Lovers, here's a twist on the ole Jack O lantern..........

Continue reading "Schnauz O Lantern"

GiGi The Schnauzer Queen

GiGi was born on March 17,2017 Yes you guessed it ..she's Irish. No really , she was born in Kennewick Washington where she still lives to this day. She

Continue reading "GiGi The Schnauzer Queen"

Aggressive with other dog

We've had mini schnauzers for years and have 3 right now. Two are brothers and are almost 2 years old. The other is about 7 mths and bigger than the

Continue reading "Aggressive with other dog"

Dizzy dog rules!

My name is Dizzy and I am a 5 year old Miniature Schnauzer crossed with a King Charles and live in the UK. My humans adopted me when I was just over a

Continue reading "Dizzy dog rules!"


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