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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

Little Kentucky Jack our rescue that rescued us

Jackson was from Kentucky. He came to us as a three year old – or so we thought – but our vet said ‘aren’t all dogs up for adoption around 3 or 4?’ tongue

Continue reading "Little Kentucky Jack our rescue that rescued us"


It all started with a male Schnauzer puppy we named Charlie. I was naive then and we got him from a pet store but we loved that dog so much, he was faithful,

Continue reading "MY SWEETHEART SHELBY"

Do I look like one with an attitude

Hi My name is Nina. I adapted two humans because they were getting old and needed someone to take care of them. They are foreigners and don't speak my

Continue reading "Do I look like one with an attitude"

Then came Nina

I am 70 years old and until last year was scared of dogs and never owned one. Then Nina (4 years old) entered my life and absolutely has taken control

Continue reading "Then came Nina"

My little baby Barney Joe Bell

I could talk forever about my boy, Barney. He was 1 month shy of turning 12 years old when he passed away. I truly believe this dog was an angel. He wasn’t

Continue reading "My little baby Barney Joe Bell"

Mom, where's my ball?

Here is a picture of Charlie at two months old. He loves to run and chase his many tennis balls and/or squeaky toys. I am forever finding them under the

Continue reading "Mom, where's my ball?"


This is my lovely miniature schnauzer Ruby. She unfortunately died on Saturday as she was suffering from bladder cancer. She was an adorable dog, who only

Continue reading "Ruby"

Our Fur Baby Jadi

Our furbaby crossed Rainbow Bridge today, April 22, 2018. She’d gotten sick, but we didn’t know how bad till the vet told us. We let her go so she wouldn

Continue reading "Our Fur Baby Jadi"

Shayna crossing the Rainbow bridge to be with Danka

17 years of loyal service to Mom and Dad, BZ,Danka II, and Potsie III. Originally the other half of Danka/Shayna. The original Danka passed over in 2012

Continue reading "Shayna crossing the Rainbow bridge to be with Danka "

Thank you Riley for everything! We will miss you!

A little over 3 years ago, I met my soon to be wife Jessica. She had a mini schnauzer named Riley that she had rescued 3 years earlier (or was it Riley

Continue reading "Thank you Riley for everything! We will miss you!"

A home for Otto

I met Otto early May 2015. His owner was getting a divorce and no longer wanted him. He was about 5 years old. He was my little buddy right away. He

Continue reading "A home for Otto"

Rosie, what will I do without you..

Rosie, your love was unconditional, faithful above them all and always glad to see me... Although you had to leave, I know that you will wait, You'll wag

Continue reading "Rosie, what will I do without you.."

My wonderful. Little companion

Quincy, my beloved little male mini Schnauzer passed away in July 2017. His sister , Kelsie passed away from diabetes only 5 months before in February

Continue reading "My wonderful. Little companion "

My little buddy Otto

I rescued Otto from owners that no longer wanted him on May 16, 2015, he was 5. He loved belly rubs, treats and camping! We would take him to our camp

Continue reading "My little buddy Otto"

The love of my life** Tucker

I have been around dogs ever since I was a child. My father in w/c trained several Rottweiler. They money he paid for the training. My best friend had

Continue reading "The love of my life** Tucker"

A home for Sweet Allie

My husband and I were going through some fertility procedures and we were unsuccessful! About the same time I was looking for a Schnauzer we had a salt

Continue reading "A home for Sweet Allie"

My little white schnauzer Olive

Olive was the greatest little dog. She loved to watch TV and listen to music. Every time she heard the song my best friend by Queen she would come running

Continue reading "My little white schnauzer Olive"

My dog is afraid to come in the door

I adopted an 8 month male schnauzer. We have a fenced yard. I put him out and he won’t come back in. When I go to get him, he runs away. I tried leaving

Continue reading "My dog is afraid to come in the door"

Lionel Hunnybunny Woofenstein

Lionel loves cuddles and treats. He is gentle and kind to all people and beasts. He loves being clean and avoids dirt at all costs. He prefers crisp clean

Continue reading "Lionel Hunnybunny Woofenstein"

Coco Schnaunel

Meet Golda Barker- Meshuggenowitz, so named for her “talks” with her beloved daddy as well as her “episodes” of general madness. She tolerates her mother

Continue reading "Coco Schnaunel"


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