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Mini Schnauzer Articles & News

Jasper our Jazzy

Thinking of finding playmate for our Dexter. Recieved alert about 7 surrendered at Shelter. Went to check them out Jasper and I meet eyes, it was love

Continue reading "Jasper our Jazzy"

My little buddy Joey

In loving memory of my little buddy Joey. You left this world six years ago today, but you will never leave my heart. I carry you there with me every day.

Continue reading "My little buddy Joey"

Our Sweet Bodhi

We applied for Bodhi so he could visit my longtime boyfriend's dad Jim in long term care. Unfortunately, Jim lost his battle to lung cancer before he was

Continue reading "Our Sweet Bodhi"

A little angel sent from heaven

My beloved little mini Ziti, was a puppy mill rescue from North Shore Animal League in NY. I had lost my dad unexpectedly and was very down in the dumps.

Continue reading "A little angel sent from heaven"

Which One Is Stuffed?

Rosie is a very sweet ball loving mini schnauzer. She would rather play ball than eat! She is our smartest schnauzer yet, but we have loved them all. The

Continue reading "Which One Is Stuffed?"

Sheree Dog Rescue Crate Mat Giveaway

Sherees dog rescue is a non-specific small dog breed rescue located in McKinney, TX. We are sponsoring a crate mat giveaway for 4 dog mats for January 2021

Continue reading "Sheree Dog Rescue Crate Mat Giveaway"


I love the schnauzer breed so when the last schnauzer I had passed away, I went looking for a new one right away. I saw a picture of a dog at the local

Continue reading "Niles"

Gift from God

This is for my best and only true friend Buddy. when i first seen you as a stray at the shelter i could not believe it. i raced over there to get you and

Continue reading "Gift from God"

MY Sweet Ida

I was so lucky to find you. We bonded instantly. We experienced so many scary times together; divorce, job loss, my last child, me getting cancer, living

Continue reading "MY Sweet Ida"

My beautiful boy, Pete.

I can remember the first time I saw Pete running through the grass chasing his litter mates and having so much fun. I knew he was the ONE for me. I brought

Continue reading "My beautiful boy, Pete."

My beautiful boy, Louie

I lost my Schnauzer Trudy (a rescue in Texas) from the disease Hypolipodemia in 2011. This absolutely broke my heart. I had never had a Schnauzer before

Continue reading "My beautiful boy, Louie"

Missing my Cricket

It's been eight years since you left us. You were one month shy of your 16th birthday. You were my buddy, my diva. You weren't quiet when I did something

Continue reading "Missing my Cricket"


Our beloved Oscar crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was suffering from various health issues, as well as canine dementia. It was a very difficult decision

Continue reading "Oscar"

My Buddy, Teddy

I lost my buddy on June 5th, 2020. It’s amazing how such a little creature can leave such an immense void. Though the tears have lessened with each passing

Continue reading "My Buddy, Teddy"

Snapping and growling

Snoopy has become quite temperamental. He is 6 months old. He growls and sometimes snaps when he doesn't want you to do something. How do I correct this

Continue reading "Snapping and growling"

Zoe and Skyler

Well, my first little mini schnauzer rescue was Zoe (formerly known as Greta) and she came from a puppy mill. Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas (run by

Continue reading "Zoe and Skyler"

Our Emma

We called Emma a rescue, even though we paid her owner $300 for her. She was almost literally starved to death, sick and in terrible shape. Because of

Continue reading "Our Emma "

Our sweet girl Ellie

Our sweet girl Ellie was laid to rest yesterday, June 5, 2020. She was my birthday present almost 14 years ago at 6 weeks old. I am hoping her sister,

Continue reading "Our sweet girl Ellie"

Our Little Boy, Arnie

We said goodbye to our beautiful boy, Arnie last week on 20 May, 2020 after 12 years of unconditional love. He came in to our lives in 2008 when my wife,

Continue reading "Our Little Boy, Arnie"

Peanut Butter and AppleSauce Cookies for Dogs

Ingredients * 3 c whole wheat flour * 2 c quick-cook oats * 1 c peanut butter (smooth or chunky, your choice!) * 1 1/4 c unsweetened applesauce * 1 t baking

Continue reading "Peanut Butter and AppleSauce Cookies for Dogs"


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