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The Dog Microchip System: Did you know every year millions of dogs become lost? And guess what the main reason is that these lost dogs are not reunited with their original owners? Yep, No Identification.

A lost dog usually isn't wearing his collar and tags, or perhaps the collar fell off at some point. Whatever the case, the lost dog will probably end up in a shelter where, at best, he will get adopted by family and go to a new home or at worse, tragically have to be euthanized.

How could this unfortunate situation have a happy ending?

Enter the Dog Microchip!

How it Works:

The microchip is a very small computer chip (about the size of a grain of rice) that is implanted between a dog's shoulder blades (injected underneath the skin usually by your Vet). Each chip has it's own unique alphanumeric code. Then the dog is registered with the owner's contact information.

Now the lost dog that was taken to the shelter, still has a chance of being reunited with his owners.

The shelter scans the lost dog - finds the chip - contacts the registry - obtains owner contact info and.......... presto! The lost dog and owner are very happily reunited and it's all because of this little microchip!


• Pet-tracking microchip implant kit with instructions for installation by veterinarian.

• Chip lets you track location of just about any type of pet with handheld scanner (sold separately).

• Quickly and safely injects under the surface of pet's skin.

• Unique ID code in implant chip detects your pet only.

• Identification code can be registered with the American Kennel Club for quick recovery.

Product Maintenance:

Dog Microchips don't require maintenance nor do they need to be replaced, but it's extremely important to keep your contact information current and updated for your Miniature Schnauzer to benefit from the system. So if you change your phone number or address, etc... be sure and change your Miniature Schnauzer's microchip contact information to reflect that as well.

Also it's good practice to have your Vet scan your Miniature Schnauzer during his annual vet exam visit. This will help ensure the product is in place a working properly.

Important to Remember:

This system IS NOT meant to be used as a replacement for your Miniature Schnauzer's dog collar & pet id tags. You should always keep current pet id tags on your dog, at all times.

But by microchipping your Miniature Schnauzer, you are adding back-up protection system. The kind of back-up protection you will want to have, in case you and your Miniature Schnauzer get separated. The use of a pet microchip will greatly improve the chances of your lost Miniature Schnauzer dog being returned back to your loving home.


There have been suspicions of a possible connection between chips causing tumors. Get more information on the risks of microchip implants at: Chip Me Not. As responsible pet owners, each one of us needs to decide if the benefits of using microchips outweigh the risks.


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Have your had your Schnauzer Microchipped?

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