Mini Schnauzer Rescue Stories

All of our Schnauzer rescue stories below were submitted by website visitors, just like you. Each inspirational story tells the tale of a Miniature Schnauzer's life saved through the efforts of dog rescue organizations and loving families that chose to adopt. If you are considering adding a Miniature Schnauzer to your family... Save a life and adopt a Mini Schnauzer.

Take a moment and enjoy these before and after photos of Zeus, a little Miniature Schnauzer just waiting to be saved. Zeus was one of the lucky ones that got a 2nd chance in life. He now has a loving forever home because of Enid Lugo de Pere.

Where to Find Available Schnauzers

Although you may find Mini Schnauzers available to adopt in any dog rescue group or animal shelter, your best bet in finding one will be through actual Schnauzer rescue groups since they are dedicated to the breed.

It's important to realize that even though the goal of these groups and organizations are to find permanent homes for the dogs currently in their care, they don't adopt a dog out to every family that applies. Why? Rescue groups don't want to just place their dogs, they want to find loving, forever homes for their Schnauzers that have up-until-now had a not so nice life. Many of their dogs came from neglectful or abusive situations, so it is very important to find a home that will be a successful placement. Potential adopters therefore, are put through a thorough screening to make sure the dog's next home will be a perfect match for both the Miniature Schnauzer, as well as, their new owner.

But before you go to adopt or buy a Miniature Schnauzer, read through the pages of our website and educate yourself on the breed. Is a Miniature Schnauzer the right dog for you?

A good place to start is by reading through the most asked questions and answers about the Miniature Schnauzer. And another important article: What it means to be a responsible dog owner. And take our quiz: Are you ready to own a dog? Educating yourself before will better equip you in making the right decision for your family.

Miniature Schnauzers may be small in size but they are very sturdy little dogs. Schnauzers are obedient and quick to learn, only wanting to please their owners.

The Miniature Schnauzer is also very playful and affectionate. He needs to live as 'part of the family'. Your Miniature Schnauzer will follow you around and want to go everywhere with you, as the Schnauzer is the most happy when he is with his owner.

Before You Adopt

Before adopting a Miniature Schnauzer or any dog, make sure you consider some of the responsibilities of dog ownership and the costs of owning a dog!

Costs of Owning a Dog: $$$

  • Initial cost to buy or adopt a dog. Miniature Schnauzers can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars up to several thousands of dollars. ($400+)
  • Essential dog items for your Miniature Schnauzer: bowls, leash, all puppy supplies. Plan on spending a couple of hundred dollars in dog supplies and food for your dog especially in the first few months. (dog supplies)
  • Yearly vaccinations for your Miniature Schnauzer. Depending on what vaccinations are required yearly in your area, vaccine costs and puppy shots, along with exam visits will probably be around $250 the first year. (dog vaccinations)
  • Other Vet costs. Besides regular vet exams, vet costs begin to add up when you consider heartworm meds, dental cleanings, flea protection and so on. And that is not even including any ailments or emergencies your dog may have. (veterinarian visits and exams)
  • Dog food for your Miniature Schnauzer. This of course depends on what type of food you decide to feed your Schnauzer. But bare minimum would be $200 a year and a good quality food would cost upwards of $600+ a year. (dog food)
  • Dog Grooming for your Miniature Schnauzer. Of course you could save money and do this yourself but even so, you will need supplies, so plan on spending a few hundred dollars on grooming or grooming supplies for your Schnauzer, too.  (grooming the Schnauzer)
  • Boarding, pet sitters, doggie day care, etc... for your Miniature Schnauzer. Although we want to take our pups everywhere, sometimes you just can't. So be sure to budget for boarding costs. (pet boarding)

And these are just some of the essential costs in owning a dog. As you can see, the costs really start to add up. So before you go look at a precious little furry face at a Schnauzer rescue, keep all of these things in mind. See: Yearly Dog Expenses

Now's the time to be really honest and ask yourself:

Am I ready to take on that kind of financial responsibility?

And what about the other commitments you must make to your dog? Are you ready to invest the time your Schnauzer is going to need for • Love • Training and • Companionship? Will you be a responsible dog owner?

Before adopting or buying any dog, take the time to think long and hard about these commitments you and your family will need to make. In fact, be sure you have discussed the issues with everyone in your family. Is everyone on-board with bringing a dog into the family?

Does everyone, in your home, have a good understanding of what being a responsible dog owner means?

Take our Dog Quiz: Are you really ready to get a dog?

Hopefully, for all the Schnauzers looking for their forever homes, your answer is still a resounding YES! But just in case you need more information, visit the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue links below and make an informed decision about adding a Miniature Schnauzer to your family. Also don't forget to read through some of the inspirational Schnauzer rescue stories submitted by our website visitors, below. And if you do adopt a Miniature Schnauzer, we hope you will come back and share your story with us, too!

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Your Schnauzer Rescue Story

Did you adopt or rescue a Miniature Schnauzer? If so, please share your inspirational story and favorite photo (optional) of how your adorable Miniature Schnauzer came to be part of your family. 150 words minimum

Heart Warming Schnauzer Rescue Stories

Click on the links below to read inspirational Schnauzer rescue stories written by our visitors. Then share your own! And thanks for contributing!

A home for Otto 
I met Otto early May 2015. His owner was getting a divorce and no longer wanted him. He was about 5 years old. He was my little buddy right away. He …

A home for Sweet Allie 
My husband and I were going through some fertility procedures and we were unsuccessful! About the same time I was looking for a Schnauzer we had a salt …

Running Rocky Rounded-up and Rescued "Rocky", a dark-grey Miniature Schnauzer was found running the streets. He was wet, hungry and unrecognizable as …

A home for Monty  
We rescued Monty back in March! He was found in the woods of Georgia... my poor boy :( he was so shy when we brought him home that chilly March morning …

Freddy rescued me! 
I work at home doing very creative stuff (music, writing) and to be honest, at times it can be very lonely. I thought having a dog in the house would …

we adopted Nicky from north shore animal league in long island. no one else seemed interested. I couldn't understand why that was as Nicky is a great …

LAURIE - from puppy mill to loving Schnauzer home 
I recently lost my last Schnauzer - Old man Dean. My oldest daughter decided I was not going to wait long to find a new Schnauzer friend. We contacted …

How Smokey Met His Mother 
In August 2008, my wife and I bought a Schnauzer puppy from a private breeder in a rural area a couple of hours from home. The breeder lived on a farm …

A real home for Fritz 
Fritz is 7 months out of a puppy mill. He is 12 years old and deaf. He knew nothing. Not even grass! Afraid of touching. We have worked so hard and …

A home for Old Man Dean 
Our family had a previous 12 year old mini Schnauzer that passed away just after Thanksgiving due to MRSA. My father has always had rescue Schnauzers. …

A Forever Home for Baylee 
My husband and I lost our beautiful big girl, Maggie to cancer. We adopted a Golden Retriever mix(Molly)from our Humane Society but none of our older dogs …

Tia a Puppy Mill rescue has Finally Found Love and a Forever Family 
Today my mini schnauzer Lola and I went to ARF an awesome rescue in Wainscott and adopted the sweetest 4 year old mini schnauzer. She was a puppy mill …

My little Zoe............. 
Hi, I'd like to tell you about Zoe (formerly known as Greta when I adopted her). I found her from the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas in 2009. She …

Buffy - our unexpected gift! 
Buffy is 11 and we have only had her for three years. Prior to that I had a mongrel for 21 years who I felt was irreplaceable. My previous dog grew up …

Clover finds a home 
My daughters dog had passed away three months earlier from renal failure and she was feeling lonely and depressed. Her and I went to the pet store just …

A New Home for Jaegar formerly known as Fritz 
"Fritz" was found running on the streets in the Birmingham part of Alabama. He was covered in fleas and had an ear infection. Two By Two Animal Rescue …

Saving Bill, Betty and Harriet 
On arriving at a so called rescue centre which has now been closed down to pick up an eight wk old puppy, i passed a cage with two ex breeding bitches …

The Tail That Went A Wagging 
It was getting more and more difficult. My 14 year old ShiTzu, Nick, was aging and I found myself consumed with intense grief. I had picked him out and …

The force is strong with Luke Skywalker 
We rescued Luke Skywalker from a mini schnauzer rescue in LA, California. He had been at the rescue the longest and, at the time, was 9 years old. So many …

eight months..... too many!!!! 
Hi....happened to be online when a lady with a pet shop offered a black mini schnauzer for $100. He'd been in her shop for eight months and didn't sell..... …

Blossom became Blos the Boss 
Blossom was living with a recently widowed elderly man whose Alzheimers was resulting in her care being seriously neglected. Our pet spa (boarding, …

Kirby, the WonderDog! 
Selected Kirby when I knew that my first rescued Mini Schnauzer would not be with me much longer. Heidi was 12 and not doing well and I thought that a …

Spooky the Schnauzer 
Spooky the Schnauzer rescues two broken-hearted people. Finley, our 11 yr old Mini Schnauzer was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We were …

Rescued my little Roma 
I found my mini on-line. A breeder had dropped off 14 puppies, from 2 litters, at a nearby shelter. All the pups were so scared. When I saw some of the …

Click here to write your own.

JR's Rescue at 15 
We volunteer at our local shelter. Murphy was a black mini and was 16 years old (just went to the Bridge at 18) at home. We walked into the kennel for …

Rescue Dog Sherlock, Holmes at Last 
While running some errands one Saturday I added PetSmart to the list, at least to go and look at the dogs in person and see how I felt about a new dog …

Nora the Explorer 
Our story starts two years ago...... I have a wonderful family, a loving husband of fourteen years, a brilliant thirteen year old son, and a beautiful …

Oliver showed up one day on a lady's farm in 84 Pennsylvania. He was a stray, covered in burrs, infested with fleas (to such an extent that the rear …

Sadie May & Antonio 
My rescued Standard poodle Antonio & me lost our beloved little pal Rosie ( another rescued poodle) suddenly last Spring. This put Antonio in a desperate …

Jack and Poe 
I found a breeder on-line by the pics of her dogs and contacted her. my husband and I felt she was probably a puppymill owner and just wanted to get these …

Luna to the rescue! 
We adopted Luna through Miniature Schnauzer Rescue in Oregon. I was not sure I was ready for a new mini schnauzer as we had lost our 10yr old MS Scout …

Coco our sweet girl 
We were looking for a dog that didn't shed, so my cousin told me about miniature schnauzers and how loving they are. I always love shelter dogs because …

My Sweet Sadie 
October 27th 2012, I went to go get my personal first dog at our local shelter. They were having a HUGE adoptathon and I was one of the first people there. …

Free to a good home...Schnauzer 
Charlie had been abandoned outside on a HOT summer Georgia Day in front of petsmart. His attitude towards people in general was NOT good from fear most …

Tears for a Terrier- Grayce AnneMarie's story 
Since childhood, I have always wanted what I called "a mustache dog". I did not grow up with pets in the house because I am allergic to dander and dog …

Irie Caboose 
I have a habit of looking at dogs all the time and I swear I was not looking for another dog, but she was surely looking for me, because when I saw her …

The Ears Have It! Miss Daisy 
I’m a foster failure… kinda. Mom lost her beloved Misty girl (10) in May of last year, but when the same rescue where she got my sister Pepper from told …

Love at First Site, Miss Pepper 
I came from a puppy mill. I lost my puppies due to stress when I was rescued. I was so scared I literally shook. My foster mom thought I would end up …

Willow's Journey Home 
I had recently lost my 11 yr old Schnauzer Lilly unexpectedly in a medical procedure. I had a lovely big rescue dog, Bella, but due to her northern …

Dignified Winston 
I wasn't even looking for a dog when I reluctantly went along with a friend to a pet adoption fair in Sherman Oaks, CA. I expected to see a lot of scruffy …

Foundering Fritz Found A Fine Family 
Opened the drapes in the living room two mornings ago and saw the porch glider swinging. Then I went outside to feed the German Shepherds and saw a pitiful …

A Home for Sadie 
We are a schnauzer family and had just had to put down 3 dogs, 2 being miniature schnauzers. We still had two schnauzers left, but our house was so quiet. …

Shelby from shelter to home 
For years I asked my husband if I could get a bunny for a pet and for years got the same response... No. One Saturday in 2007 he said we were going for …

Casey's Forever Home 
This little sweetie pie was found as a stray on the city streets, and was turned in to a local shelter by some kind person. She had no tags or microchip, …

I know real love now 
This story begins on craigs list. I was not looking for a dog, but I found one! I called the number in the ad and a young girl described this schnauzer …

well, a about a year had passed since my good boy Casper had been lovingly put to sleep and our hearts & home seemed empty with just the two of us (my …

the love of my life 
i had a male mini schnauzer that i got from a home that was a day care center for children and was kept in a cage all day and fed candy and who knows what. …

Jaxie was a stray and was picked up by animal control. She didn't look like a schnauzer at all with all that matted dirty white hair. Underneath all …

After my husband passed away and my two older schnauzers, poor little Dinah (a rescue schnauzer) was so lonely that I knew I had to find her a friend. …

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Dinah - Rescue No. 2 
After our beloved Rocky passed away, we decided to adopt a rescue schnauzer. After an internet search, we located a lady who rescued schnauzers in Missouri. …

Eva - the First Rescue 
Back in the 90s, I met a woman that worked with CARE and she was always asking me to adopt a rescue dog. I told her if she ever got a schnauzer, to let …

I had been debating for some time if I wanted a dog or not, when one day I went to work and a co-worker told me that she was trying to find a home for …

How would I find a dog with all the requirements? 
My 12 year old homeschooled son wanted a dog. Ugghhh. I never thought of myself as a dog person. My husband and I were holding off adopting a dog for …

Miniature Schnauzer Sybil 
Sybil Schnauzer (affectionately known as Snibble Dribble!) The Schnauzer Club of Victoria rescued 14 female and 3 male schnauzer's from a vile backyard …

What a funny looking Schnauzer 
At a time when we were losing a beloved 14 year-old Schnauzer named Schnitzel, due to poison dog food, we were urged to adopt a Schnauzer who was in …

Miniature Schnauzer Bubbles 
I am a 36 year old mother living in Ohio. I have loved this breed all my life! Although I had not owned a Schnauzer until 3 years ago. Love does not begin …

Miniature Schnauzer Pepper 
Is that a Schnauzer under there? Pepper was one of 42 animals left in below zero temperatures in an abandoned house by their owner.With little …

Miniature Schnauzer Maddie 
From the Mill to a real life I am Michelle, and I am a foster mom to a wonderful Miniature Schnauzer, now named Maddie. Before she came to live with …

Miniature Schnauzers Jake and Fritz To love a rescue 
Fifteen years ago Bart, my father-in-law's miniature schnauzer whom we brought home after he passed away, had to be put to sleep due to cancer. Even though …

Schnauzer Ebenezer is "Love" 
Ebenezer came to our home in July, 2008. He was just 8 and a half weeks old when we got him. He was a clean and healthy little guy. We quickly got him …

Sweet Bella 
I'm Bella, a female Miniature Schnauzer that was found as a stray near Eustis, Florida. I spent a month in doggy jail before I was found and taken in by …

Sydney's Story 
I was doing my usual rounds through the local shelter for SRM when I spotted a little gray mass huddled in the back of a dingy cage. It resembled a big …

Miniature Schnauzer Lacey the "foster failure" 
I came to live with my mom a little over three years ago. I was given to a rescue for no reason that me nor my mom can remember. I wasn't a troublemaker, …

Libby's been Liberated  
When I was rescued, they called me Liberty because I was liberated from a terrible place called a puppy mill. I was a puppy mill dog used only for …

Happy Landing for Lexie and Buddy 
I had always wanted a dog, and finally decided I was going to get one (I kept saying "for the family," but I wanted one as much as the kids). I researched …

Its a wonderfull life! 
I was found as a stray near Eustis, Florida. I spent a month in doggy jail before I was found and taken in by Schnauzer Love Rescue! I had a great Foster …

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