Organic Pet Products

Choosing organic pet products for your Miniature Schnauzer and becoming a conscientious pet owner, when it comes to going green isn't that hard to do.

Why? Because environmentally friendly recycled and organic pet products are plentiful, ready for you to use everyday.

So they are good for your Miniature Schnauzer and Mother Earth, too.

Why it's important to use organic products and recycled materials:

Organic products are items made without pesticides and other harsh chemicals. That makes organic pet products better for your Miniature Schnauzer. And using products made from recycled materials decreases the amount of waste going into our landfills.

It's a win-win situation.

You not only feel good about providing your Miniature Schnauzer with organic wholesome foods and natural products, you're also doing your part to help the environment in which we live.

Below are just a few of the great green pet products you can use everyday to help our planet and provide comfort to your Miniature Schnauzer.

Organic Pet Products

organic pet EarthDog Hemp Dog Blankets

The perfect marriage of durable colorful hemp canvas and soft sumptuous recycled fleece.

These blankets are incredibly soft, durable and easy to care for. Just toss them in the machine and tumble dry low.
EarthDog Decorative Hemp Leashes

These leashes feature triple-layer 100% hemp canvas construction with the unmatchable comfort of hemp. Using the highest quality snap-hooks that combine safety with ease.
EarthDog Hemp Dog Beds

These comfortable beds are constructed with a 100% hemp canvas shell. The removable washable inner bags are 100% unbleached cotton and stuffed with a mixture of recycled poly-cotton and scrap foam.
EarthDog Decorative Hemp Harness

These harnesses are manufactured from 100% hemp webbing with distinctive trims accenting the back. Unlike nylon and other synthetics hemp softens with wear making these harnesses the most comfortable available for your do.

EarthDog Rescue Greeting Cards

Beautiful rescue-themed cards are two series of greeting cards inspired by canine rescue. Each set features 4 rescued dogs who are now in a happy home (and a part of the EarthDog family). The back of each card includes the EarthDog spay neuter message along with the story of each dog rescued.
EarthDog Hemp Rope Toys

These organic rope toys are 100% Romanian hemp and are offered in two sizes these toys are perfect for the heavy chewer. Dogs love 'em!! Small: 12(2 knot) Large: 18(3 knot)

Click here to check out all the great Earthdog Products

TOP 10 Ways to Go Green with Your Schnauzer

Natural grooming products are all the rage, as more and more pet owners support GOING GREEN by buying pet products that are safer, higher in quality, and friendlier towards our environment.

Check out the all natural spa, grooming and wellness products at: Natural Dog Grooming Supplies

Only Natural Pet Store - Everything Natural for Dogs & Cats

All natural dog care supplies, including vitamins, supplements, premium dog food, flea control and more!


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