The Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany and is the smallest of the three Schnauzer dog breeds (the Giant Schnauzer and the Standard Schnauzer being the other two). Although small in stature, this dog has a sturdy build, is alert and spirited, and protective in nature, making them great watchdogs.

Developed from crossing the Standard Schnauzer with the Poodle and the Affenpinscher, the Mini was originally bred to be a small farm dog to chase out vermin. Today, people own them because they are smart, loyal, loving companion dogs.

Small Dog - Big Personality

Joys of Owning a Mini Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States for so many reasons. Just read what proud owners of this breed have to say about their dog when asked: "What are the joys of owning a Miniature Schnauzer?"

  • Having a happy, active, companionable dog who's big enough to do stuff with but small enough to be portable, with the priceless combination of "adorably scruffy" and "non-shedding". ~ C. Beard
  • The personality is just amazing. My daughter once told me " you talk to those dogs like they are going to answer you". I told her they do in their own way. ~ M. Starr
  • They're incredibly smart, great with kids, and such a beautiful breed. Our Lucy gets compliments where ever she goes. ~ A. Colwell
  • Having a dog that does not shed and who offers loyalty and unconditional love. ~ M. Howard
  • Non shedding, very happy little dogs! Dependable loyal and don't chew up your home! Good little guard dogs ...gentle ...extremely affectionate Pepper nearly 11 used to living with my siamese cats! ~ J. Symons
  • There are so many reasons why I Love my MS..but a few are he gives the best whisker kisses and hugs, makes me smile and laugh every day with his amusing antics, and when I am feeling tired or down, he will come and put his head on my shoulder and comforts me with his eyes. Nothing like the love of a Schnauzer for sure. ~ J. Punch
  • I've owned many breeds of dogs throughout my life and none of them compare to my Mini Schnauzer. She is the lite of my life. She's the most affectionate, playful, loyal and comical breed of all. Who can ask for more in a companion? and best of all she's excellent with my children and easy to train. ~ S. Bealko owner of the beautiful Mini Schnauzer Flossy
Miniature Schnauzer

Mini Schnauzer Zwergschnauzer

Height: 12 - 14 inches

Weight: 11-20 pounds

Temperament: alert & spirited, yet obedient, loyal, and loving

Appearance: small, compact, sturdy dog that's easily recognizable by its whiskers

Traits: intelligent, happy, affectionate

Origin: Germany; name derived from the German word Schnauze meaning muzzle

note: If you are considering this dog breed get further information by exploring the pages through this site to make sure it's right for your family. A good place to start is frequently asked questions about Mini Schnauzers. You may also choose an icon below for more info on a particular topic.

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