Mini Schnauzer Halloween

A Schnauzer Halloween - Are you dressing up your Miniature Schnauzer this Halloween? Are you buying a pet costume for your dog or making one yourself from scratch? Either way, we would love for you to share pictured of your Miniature Schnauzer all dressed-up  and write a little story telling us how you celebrate this holiday.

Do you take your Schnauzer along while trick-or-treating? Do you have a Halloween party? Do you bake a special Halloween dog treat for your Schnauzer? We can't wait to hear all about it!

Note: All submission must include a story of at least 150 words to be accepted.

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Also, be sure and send family and friends a free Halloween dog e-card just to put a smile on their face.

And if you need to buy a Halloween dog costume or just some inspiration to help you create your own, these are really cute.

Also be sure to review our Dog Safety Holiday Tips and most importantly.....

Have a Fun and Safe Halloween!

schnauzer halloween

Mini is a male Mini Schnauzer even though he's dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween.

Mini's owners describe him as laid-back, calm, and quiet. He loves playing with his toys and he has learned over 60 commands. His best tricks are backward weaving between legs, putting his toys back up in his toy box, walking on his hind legs, and crossing his front paws. Mini's passion is food and he loves playing fetch.

Mini has completed Advance Obedience Training Class and is destined to be a STAR!

Take a few minutes to enjoy a video of the adorable and talented Mini, as he dances around in his Minnie Mouse costume for Halloween. Aroo

Schnauzer Halloween Costume Photos

Do you have a great picture of your Miniature Schnauzer dressed up for Halloween? If so, share it with us here along with a Halloween story! 150 words minimum

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Evil Evie 
Little Miss Evie T, aka Evil Evie just turned 3 years old. In this photo her spooky, evil glare only required a bath and the right lighting She is …

sir rocket and princess yuki 
Miniature Schnauzers Sir Rocket and Princess Yuki brave knight, sir rocket slayed the dragon,and rescued the beautiful princess yuki from the castle …

Flower Fairy 
Flossy the Flower Fairy! She absolutely loves to dress up in my 4 year old Daughters costumes and she looks so adorable in them, don't you think? lol

May the Force be with you 
My Sherlock can't decide what to wear. Should he be a dragon or bumble bee?

Otto and Dixie 
My little witch and squirrel on Halloween in 2009. They were good sports about it all. Otto asked not to wear the squirrel costume again! Otto just …

Pumpkin Schnauzers 
Schnauzers are so special. Their personalities are so enjoyable. Sammy and Sara are 5 year old sisters, living in Reno Nevada. My schnauzers love the …

Cute Little Squirrel 
This was Maiya's 1st and last Halloween costume. She did not appreciate this. Also, my son says it looks like a squirrel tried to eat the dog.

Schnauzer Ghostie 
My name is Bailey Schnauzer Turpin and my Mom thinks I look like a ghostie, BOL!!

Halloween Schnauzer Carly 
These photos were taken last October 2010. My schnauzer, Carly, was having a romp around the yard as we were raking leaves that day! I thought she …

Holy Schnauzer Batman 
This is my dog Fozzie. He loves to do tricks and wear clothes. He looks so awesome in his Batman outfit and stood up perfectly and turned around in a circle …

Scarecrow Schnauzer 
As you can see Harley wasn't too thrilled to be dressed up!

Little Miss Scary Spider and Mr. Pumpkin Schnauzers 
Bella and Scooter want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. To celebrate the holiday they will enjoy a quiet evening at home with their pawrents. Aaarrooo!! …

Caterpillar and Skeleton Schnauzers 
Buddy is going to be a caterpillar this year, 2010, and Lexie is a skeleton. Buddy doesn't look so happy with his costume, but he'll be glad to have it …

Satan Schnauzer! 
Normally I am too busy to mess around wif costumes, but Mom insisted I try out this devil dog outfit. I think I wore it well, but was quickly distracted …

Princess Schnauzer 
Pawsonally, I think I make a pretty good princess without any costume whatsoever, but Mom thought it was cute to dress me up. I did not tolerate the hat …

Fizzda Schnauzer 
Fizzy doesn't mind wearing sweaters and shirts, but costumes are a whole other story!! He wore his Yoda costume for a photo shoot, but that's about all! …

Blue and Red M&M Schnauzers 
Each year I make costumes for my two schnauzers to wear for an annual costume contest at our local vet's office. This year Romeo is a Blue M&M. He is …

Snow White Schnauzer 
Every year we dress Minnie up as something and take her picture. The first year, she went trick or treating dressed up as a little hot dog. She caught …

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Happy Halloween Schnauzer Clown

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