Dog Product Review Requests

After being approached by several companies, is happy to announce we have begun offering dog product reviews for pet-related products. Our reviews are solely based on our experience with a product and are meant to provide additional information that may assist our readers when shopping for their pets.

If you have a dog product that is the next best thing to hit the pet industry and would like us test it out, fill in the Review Request form at the end of this page.

Before requesting a review, please read through our Questions & Answers.

Dog Product Reviews Questions & Answers

What types of products do you review?

We write reviews on most any type of dog product: toys, beds, apparel, accessories, grooming products, problem solvers, training aids, dog houses, cleanup products, bowls, collars, leashes, dog treats* and so on.

* We only test dog treats or dog food products that are made with 100% natural ingredients we approve of to feed to our pets. If you have a dog food or dog treat you might want to sponsor a giveaway instead: See Redmoon Custom Dog Food Giveaway

What products will you not review?

Because we test these products on our own dogs (or with permission from owners of dogs we are training) we will not test or review any products we feel contain ingredients(s) we are not comfortable providing our pets. All product ingredients will need to be reviewed by us, before we agree to test them out. This includes: dog food, treats, supplements, or medications.Again, for these type of products you might want to sponsor a giveaway instead.

We also will not review any items that, in our sole opinion, are disagreeable or dangerous to dogs. We keep confidential any and all review requests including those we felt the need to decline.

How do you test the products?

Simple. We use them. Once we receive the product and read over the manufacturer's instructions for use, we begin a test period of no less than one full week and possibly up to a month (depending on the product). At the end of the test period, we write an honest review of our experience with the product.

If a dog product is meant for dogs with certain needs, we may have to enlist help from friends who own dogs that meet the criteria in order to test the product out for us. If this is the case, manufacturers are notified in advance, before sending us the product to test.

Do you publish all your reviews?

Yes. All dog product reviews are published here on website.

Again, our reviews are meant to provide site visitors with additional information about products only. They are not meant to promote any particular product over another.

What if the manufacturer is not happy with the review?

If the Manufacturer is not happy with a review written about their product, they may submit further information and/or explanations of their product by contacting us and we will add their response to our article.

However, since we approve of all products before testing them out, we have a pretty good idea of how they should perform and so most of our reviews are on a positive note. I don't want to spend my time harshly criticizing companies on my website. That's just not my style.

What other dog product reviews do you publish?

We may choose to write unsolicited reviews on dog products we use day in and day out. Again, these reviews are just our opinion of our personal experience with a product's performance and not an independent endorsement of one product over another.

We also allow site visitors to share their experiences with one another about dog products they use or have tried out. However, not all submissions will be published (see How to Submit a Review of a Dog Product)

Do manufacturers pay for the review?

No. We do not accept any compensation for our reviews. Only the product(s) is sent to us free of charge to test out and to keep. Some product links (but not all) may result in a small commission to us should you decide to purchase a product(s) through the linking process. But this in no way influences the reviews we write.

How to Submit Your Dog Product for Review

If you have a dog product you would like reviewed, please fill out the form below:

By submitting a request you agree and understand:

  • Product(s) is sent free of charge. This includes shipping fees.
  • Product(s) becomes the property of and will not be returned.
  • Test period will begin as soon as feasible.
  • Test period will last between 7 to 30 days, depending on the product being reviewed.

Once the review is completed and live on our website, the URL will be sent to the person of contact.

If you have any further questions about our review process, please add them to the comment field, before submitting the review form.

Dog Product Review Request Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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