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Our Holiday Ecards are a perfect way to let family and friends know you're thinking of them during special occasions throughout the year. And Miniature Schnauzer lovers will especially enjoy these beautiful and whimsical Schnauzer themed dog Ecards.

Send greetings in your own words or write a special something from your dog to send someone.


Send as many as you like, as often as you like cause they're all...

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Send Schnauzer Themed Ecards

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New Year ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
New Year
Valentine ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
St. Patricks Day ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
St Patty
Easter ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
Mother's Day ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
Mothers Day
Father's Day ecard, best dog dad, dog ecard, schnauzer card
Fathers Day
Fourth of July ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
July 4
Halloween ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
Thanksgiving dog ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
Holiday dog ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
Christmas dog ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
Hanukkah dog ecard, dog ecard, schnauzer card
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Here are a few examples along with sentiments of our holiday ecards.

Fourth of July Printable Pet Card

Fourth of July dog ecard FROM: (Your Name)
TO: (Your Family & Friends)

Happy Fourth of July! I hope your celebration is full of cheerful times and that you're all fired up to have a Star-Spangled, Yankee Doodle, All American Day. Have a BLAST!

Happy Independence Day!

Mother's Day Printable Pet Card

Mothers day dog ecard FROM: (Your Name)
TO: (Your Mother)

You'll always have my loyalty,
To the very end,
'cause after all,
You are my Mommy
and my bestest friend!

Happy Mother's Day!

Father's Day Printable Pet Card

fathers day dog ecard FROM: (Your Name)
TO: (Your Father)

No bones about it, Dad
You are definitely Top Dog!

And thanks for teaching me all your tricks ;)

Happy Father's Day!

Valentine's Day Printable Pet Card

valentines day dog ecard FROM: (Your Name)
TO: (Your Sweetheart)

I got lots of smoochies for you today,
So I was wondering...

Would it be okay if I lick your face?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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