Schnauzer Christmas Photos

Do you dress-up your Miniature Schnauzer for the holidays? If so, we would love for you to share your Schnauzer Christmas photos.

Perhaps you got a great photo of your Schnauzer in a Santa hat or reindeer antlers? Or maybe one of your Schnauzer tearing up wrapping paper or sleeping under the tree? Well, if your picture is about your Miniature Schnauzer and the winter holiday season (whether you celebrate Xmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or some other December holiday) we would love to see it. Just fill out the form below.........

NOTE: All entries must include a story of at least 150 words to be accepted.

If you like, have your Mini Schnauzer write a letter to Santa Paws as part of your Schnauzer Christmas Photo submission. Here's and example from our very own Miniature Schnauzer SAMSON!

Schnauzer Christmas Photos

Do you have a great picture of your Miniature Schnauzer dressed up for the Holidays? If so, please share it with us here along with a holiday story! 150 words minimum

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Simply click on any of the links below to see more Miniature Schnauzer Holiday photos and stories from site visitors just like you!

Our Sweet Bodhi 
We applied for Bodhi so he could visit my longtime boyfriend's dad Jim in long term care. Unfortunately, Jim lost his battle to lung cancer before he was …

Which One Is Stuffed? 
Rosie is a very sweet ball loving mini schnauzer. She would rather play ball than eat! She is our smartest schnauzer yet, but we have loved them all. The …

Gumby & Wiston say, "Have a Happy Barky Christmas!" 
Miniature schnauzer Gumby and his little brother Winston want to wish everybody a Merry , Barky Christmas. In pondering what to get for Christmas this …

Shayna's 13th Birthday/Christmas 
Hi all you Schnauzerepole? It's me Danka II reportn' in. Shayna says that the first Danka used to handle all the letter writen' Soooooooooooo being her …

Merry Christmas! 
Merry Christmas from Mali Elizabeth and Demi Shae! Mali is 5 and Demi Shae is 2. They are best friends and do everything together even getting into the …

Phoebe's First Christmas 
Dear Santa, It's me, Phoebe. I wanted to let you know how good I have been this year. So I am getting the kid here, Justin, to write this for me. …

Merry Christmas from Danka 
Well it's been now 3 months since I've been living here and I wouldn't go anywhere else even if someone tried to take me... I'd bite them bad!!!! My …

Wilson in his Christmas sweater... 
This adorable little miniature schnauzer is my Wilson. He is such a good boy. My husband got him for my birthday last year when he was 8 weeks old and …

Jack and Jorja 
Miniature Schnauzers Jack and Jorja (the kids) having their picture made with Santa. They had just been to the groomer.

Maximilian and Katrina 
They are not crazy about getting dressed up. I think this pic says, "Please Mom, hurry up and get this stuff off of us!"

Mini Schnauzer Gumby 
Here is our little guy getting ready for Christmas. We are working on finding him a little girl. Still looking but I am sure he will like his present. …

Miniature Schnauzer Sassy 
Sassy likes to sit in her chair in front of the fireplace. I had put her down while I went to the restroom. When I came back she was trying to get back …

Schnauzers Lilly Belle and Ace 
Snapped these cute pics of the furkids in their xmas outfits....the one with Lilly on her back is priceless and will probably be next years christmas card …

Miniature Schnauzer Fizzy 
Fizzy LOVES Christmas! When we decorated the tree this year, he kept bringing out his stuffed Max from The Grinch and putting it under the tree! He loves …

Miniature Schnauzers Bella and Scooter 
Bella barked she wanted to wear a pretty dress for Christmas this year. Scooter said he'd just as soon sleep in on Christmas day so he got pajamas.

Click here to write your own.

Here's our special Schnauzer Holiday Card for you! 

Have a wonderful Holiday!

The video above is from a dog school in Hungary that uses the Mirror Method. The Mirror Method comes from the idea that dogs will reflect their owners behaviors. The training involves building up the human and dog relationship and ranking order, socializing dogs with other dogs, teaching positive reinforcement with clicker use, and incorporating the dog's natural instincts during play and training.

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