Shayna's 13th Birthday/Christmas

by Danka II
(Gilmer, TX)

Enough with the pictures, let's eat

Enough with the pictures, let's eat

Hi all you Schnauzerepole? It's me Danka II reportn' in. Shayna says that the first Danka used to handle all the letter writen' Soooooooooooo being her name sake I gotta' do it. BZ has got to be excused after all how much can you expect from a Yorki?

Shayna is 13 years old this year and although I love her very much she is gettn' old and sometimes I fall asleep keepn' up to her. She's a lot like Mom and Dad, there old too. So it's a big job for me and BZ to keep them moving and their blood circulating.

We had a good time at Shayna's party but she didn't have all the people, kids, and other dogs I had at my first Birthday party last September, Shayna says I shouldn't expect a party like that every year. We'll see.

We're all ready for the biggest Birthday called Christmas and we're all excited. This will be my second Christmas and I still remember all the fun and good things I got last year. I'm glad Danka the first guided me here when she went to the Rainbow Bridge. She told me I would have a big job taking care of her people and Shayna and BZ but I'm Glad to do it.

I want to wish every one a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Danka II

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Comments for Shayna's 13th Birthday/Christmas

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Happy Birthday
by: Mary Palmieri

It just tickles me to hear from you guys and I hope you have a great Christmas and know that your mom and dad love you to the moon and back.
make sure you visit my little man Charlie cause he says hi and he can't wait to see Santa too!!!!!
God Bless!!!

Happy Barkday
by: Anonymous

Happy Barkday Miss Shayna! Enjoy every day!

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