Valentine's Day Dog Poem

Roses Are Red....

Evey year on Valentine's Day, you can read lots of Roses are Red poems. And this year will be no different, except for one thing....

Here on Schnauzers Rule we thought the verse would be even funnier if it was written through the eyes of a dog! Yep. So we asked you our fans:

How would your Mini Schnauzer finish the last 2 or even 3 lines of the popular Roses are Red poem?

Valentines Day Dog Poems

Here are some of the original poems submitted by our facebook fans. And don't worry, it's not too late for your Schnauzer to express a poem for the occasion. Simply post it in the comments section below.

• Violets are blue.
  Roses are red.
  When I'm not running around.
  I'm asleep on mummies bed.

  by Willi Schnauzer

• Roses are red,
  Or so they say.
  But since I'm a dog
  To me they look grey!

  by Holli & Wyatt

• Roses are Red,
  Violets are Blue.
  I am a Schnauzer.
  I eat, sleep, and poo.

  by Oscar WonderSchnauzer

• Roses are red,
  Violets are blue,
  Adeline's a good girl,
  How about you?

  by Schnauzer Adeline

Mini Schnauzer Radar

Roses are red, snow is so neat.
I just saw it the first time and I like it to eat.  ~ by Radar

Radar & Lucy

Mini Schnauzers Radar & Lucy

Roses are red, they smell wonderful, too. My Schnauzer puppy farts, make me say "poo!"

• Roses are red
  Violets are blue
  We're blessed with our mommy
  And daddy is too!

  by Misty Rose

• Roses are red,
  Schnauzers are grey,
  We're wishing you all
  Happy Valentine's Day!

  by Holli & Wyatt

• Roses are red,
  I love to eat.
  I bark at mommy
  till she gives me a treat!

  by Gibbsy

• Roses are red
  Violets are blue
  Schnauzers are awesome

  (well, there's really nothing more that needs to be said!)

Pepper & Daisy

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Mom says we're the best,
We think she is too!

Roses are Red,
We're cuddly & warm too,
Put down your iPad,
And we'll snuggle with you!

by Pepper & Daisy

Pepper & Daisy
Korky Joe

Roses are red,
Violates are blue,
I love Korky Joe
and he loves me too.

Schnauzers are black,
Schnauzers are gray,
Won't you be my friend
And come out to play?

by Kiffle

Mini Schnauzer Kiffle

• Roses are Red,
  Violets are Blue,
  I love my Mommy,
  and She loves ME TOO!

  by Sir Barkley

• Roses are Red
  Violets are Blue
  Don't try to boss me
  I will say "Aroo Roo Roo!"

  by Wilfred

• Roses are red, violets are blue,
  meah is black and bella is grey,
  they love to cuddle with me,
  and so do i !

  by Meah-mae and Bella-mae

• Roses are red,
  Violets are blue,
  I think I'm a big dog,
  But I'm smaller than you.

  by Sampson

• Roses are red,
  Black is my nose.
  My mommy loves me
  from ears to my toes!

  by Oscar WonderSchnauzer

• Some Roses are Red
  Some Violets are Blue
  Some Schnauzers are Brown
  they are Schnauzers, too.
  by Cynnamon Spice & Mocha Franco Moschino

Roses are red,
Vilolets are blue,
Schnauzers rule,
and their owners do too!!

by Riese & Phoebe

We hope you enjoyed these funny Valentines Day dog poems. And a special thanks to all the Schnauzers that took the time to submit them to us.

If your Mini Schnauzer would like to express a family-oriented Roses are Red dog poem, just post it as a comment below. And don't forget to include your dog's name and a picture of your Schnauzer, too! Aroo

Happy Valentines Day

How would your Schnauzer complete the famous love poem Roses are Red....

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