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schnauzer puppy

Schnauzer of the Month

A big thank you to all our contestants for sharing such wonderful photos of your Miniature Schnauzer with us. Judges always have such a difficult task in choosing just one winning photo from so many cuties!

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Miniature Schnauzer Charlie 

Charlie was adopted from the NJ Schnauzer Rescue Network when he was about 9 months old. He loves playing with toys, especially stuffed animals and tug ...

Miniature Schnauzers Eden & Sage 

This picture is of Eden (the light grey one) and Sage (the black and silver.) Eden is 4yrs, and Sage is 20 months old.

They really keep our household ...

Miniature Schnauzer Eden 

This is a picture of my now, 4year old, salt and pepper mini at the age of 3 months. She was the only puppy in her litter, and acts like the "diva" she ...

Miniature Schnauzer Rocky 

We had a schnauzer named Max for 14 years and had to put him to sleep in December 2008 right before Christmas. Needless to say it was a very rough time ...

Miniature Schnauzer Jasper 

Jasper joined our family about 7 months ago and we have never looked back. In fact, we don't know why we waited so long to adopt a dog. Jasper loves ...

Miniature Schnauzer Archie 

The stinky, fluffy, jolly bundle of mischief you see here is my three year old Miniature Schnauzer, Archie.

After my aunt became ill, she couldn't take ...

Miniature Schnauzer Xander 

Xander was born in the state of Alabama. He and his two brothers traveled all the way to Michigan to be adopted.

In this photo he is sporting ...

Miniature SchnauzerTex 

Tex is a 3 month old male miniature schnauzer, who was recently adopted into our family. He loves nap time and any time he can eat! He's friendly, loves ...

Miniature Schnauzers Dixie and Tex 

Dixie, a female miniature schnauzer, was adopted into our family at 6 weeks old. She acts just like her mother (that would be me)...she's a picky eater,...

Miniature Schnauzer Augie 

Augie is such a funny little puppy full of personality. He loves running around and playing with our cat. He has a favorite stuffed giraffe that he babies ...

Miniature Schnauzer Mini 

Mini is our 9 yr old schnauzer. She has two schnauzer sisters Honey and Mandi. Mini likes to watch everyone else play and run, then she follows and helps ...

Miniature Schnauzer Mandi 

Mandi is 7 yrs old and has two schnauzer sister Mini and Honey. Mandi loves to run and jump through the back yard and ride in the car.

Miniature Schnauzer Honey 

Honey is 3 yrs old and loves to play, play, play. She has two miniature schnauzer sisters, Mini and Mandi.

She loves to chase her balls or just carry ...

Miniature Schnauzer Butch 

This is Butch, he is about 4 month old in this picture, but he is almost 1 year old now. He is a great friend, very kind and loving. He can be so stubborn ...

Miniature Schnauzers Paycheck and Hotshot, Canadian Champs 

I got my first Miniature Schnauzer in 1986 in Colorado, and quickly fell madly in love with the breed. The intelligence and personality have to be experienced ...

Mini Schnauzers Foxfire's Radiant Challenger and puppy 

I got my first Miniature Schnauzer in 1986 in Colorado, and quickly fell madly in love with the breed. The intelligence and personality have to be experienced ...

Miniature Schnauzer Dollar 

Shirlu's Dollars and Scents as a four month old puppy

Miniature Schnauzer Rambo 

Rambo is 9 months old and has made our family complete! We got him through a friend who's mini had puppies. When we went over to look at the pups, I sat ...

Shirlu's Dollars and Scents 

As you all know, the personality and intelligence has to be experienced to understand our passion for the breed. I adopted Dollar from a show breeder at ...

Miniature Schnauzer Jasmine 

Jasmine is almost 4 and full of Personality!
I had No idea of the Schnauzer Ownership Rules. Until about a year ago when I was on Myspace. When I read ...

Miniature Schnauzer Olive 

Olive is our second mini schnauzer. After we got our first, Monty, we just had to get one more. Plus we promised Monty his own puppy if he was good and ...

Miniature Schnauzer Kosher   When I am not taking Kosher with me, I tell him go to the window to say bye, he'll jump on the back of the loveseat and watch me leave through the window....

Miniature Schnauzer Izabella  This is Izabella, She joined our family last Sept '09. Izabella has 2 brothers and 1 Sister whom she loves dearly :). Her favorite thing to do is visit ...

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