Miniature Schnauzer Xander

by Delora, Norm & Shannahan
(Charlotte, Michigan)

Miniature Schnauzer Xander

Miniature Schnauzer Xander

Xander was born in the state of Alabama. He and his two brothers traveled all the way to Michigan to be adopted.

In this photo he is sporting a sweater for the first time. He enjoyed bounding through the snow drifts so much he had to be shaved after the spring thaw. Without his hair he shivered so much he vibrated sideways.

Xander barks at falling leaves, squirrels hiding their nuts, and asking for his share of roasted turkey. Or to say, "Are you going to finish that? 'Cuz I can clean that plate for you."

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Love those white minis.
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Xander is one adorable little white Schnauzie. I am a little partial to white minis, because I have 2 of them of my very own. Both are so sweet and loving. They told me the other day, that they would give anything to be able to play in snow, just one time. My kids are sooooooooooooo deprived. LOL

by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

What a darling little pup in a cute blue sweater!! I can see him bounding through the snow. They can be so adorable, can't they?

So cute in a sweater!
by: Barb

You are lucky he likes to wear clothes- I had one who would, upon seeing the sweater, would run to her kennel and close the door behind her!!

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