Sadie May & Antonio

by Jeannie Moscato
(Orchard Park, N.Y. U.S.A.)

My sweet Sadie May

My sweet Sadie May

My rescued Standard poodle Antonio & me lost our beloved little pal Rosie ( another rescued poodle) suddenly last Spring. This put Antonio in a desperate state of bereavement & depression.

I was guided to a great rescue organization in my area where there was a little white very shaggy "mutt " available for adoption.

Sadie May & Antonio took one look & sniff of each other & instantly "fell in love". To our delight, that little 5 yr. old white very shaggy sweet girl evolved into a gorgeous white mini Schnauzer once groomed.

Sadie May had been a puppy mill pup where she was used & abused as a breeder dog until she was no longer of use. She was then unfortunately, adopted out to another horrible person who also abused her. Thankfully, she was relinquished to a reliable rescue group.

Although, we are helping her with a few fear aggression issues (understandably from her past experiences), we love her dearly !!! She has become a cherished part of our family !!!

We hope Sadie May's & Antonio's love story will encourage others to adopt rescued Miniature Schnauzers, Poodles & dogs of all kinds.

The unconditional love that they give us is a precious gift !!!!

Thank you for reading our story,
Sadie May, Antonio & "Mama" Jeannie 0:)

Comments for Sadie May & Antonio

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by: Anonymous

Earl & Carolyn, thank you so very much for your kind words. Yes, my Sadie May could be a twin to your angel Casper. How amazingly beautiful our whites are in so many ways!!!! It was also wonderful that you were able to give Casper a good life & loving home that all of our rescues deserve. Also, thanks for the tip & encouragement regarding Sadie May's fear aggression issues.
May you always find peace that your Casper & pal are always there to protect you...even in spirit !!!
With sincere gratitude,
Jeannie...Sadie May's & Antonio 's "Mama" 0:)

sadie may
by: earl & carolyn

THANK YOU THANK YOU for rescuing sadie may;
she is the spitting image of my good boy "casper" whose story is here under the "search" section of the "welcome" area of schnauzers-rule;
the whites are precious dogs,and in time the fear aggression will moderate if interrupted every time it has started due to some catalyst,or when you sense it is about to begin;we used a harness when walking both casper (who didn't have the problem)and toby who had it very badly;in time it subsided to an acceptable level,although it may never disappear altogether;
R.I.P. my good boys,casper & toby

Adopted dogs are the best
by: cindy

Such a great story and happy ending for everyone. So happy you and Antonio found Sadie May and were able to provide her a loving home. May you have many many wonderful years together.

Sadie May's & Antonio's Love Story
by: Jeannie

Thank you Athena, Beth & all of those kind hearted folks who give rescues of all breeds another chance to enjoy the rest of their lives !!!
Each time we so sadly loose one of our precious seems as if we are guided to another four footed earth angel !!! Truly my Sadie May & Antonio fit that bill !!! 0:)
Thanks again all who have responded...hug your "babes" & keep up the generosity of supporting rescued Mini Schnauzer's & their pals !!!

Sweet Sadie
by: beth

Sadie May looks so sweet and very happy. Thank you for saving her. I love seeing her before and after pics. You can hardly tell its the same dog. So happy for your entire family. Great stories like this is sure to inspire more people to get a dog from a rescue. Thank you for sharing.

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