Parker Posey Nosey Parker - AKA Parker

by Kim
(Toronto, Canada)

Can I have a treat please!!??

Can I have a treat please!!??

Our little precious boy Parker came into our life and bonded us as a family. My husband and I were just moving in together and we both had a son each from previous marriages. We all loved Parker so much...he was just what we all needed. What a personality!!

I truly believe that this pup was part human...he would talk and talk and talk! He just loved running for his ball but wouldn't always bring it all the way back. He liked to tease us a little and stop about 2 feet away from us and lay down with ball in mouth. He made us laugh every day.

No matter where he was in the house, he would hear when my husband was cracking the shell of a boiled egg and he would magically appear at his feet!! My husband would even try making noises to disguise the sound, but it never failed, he would show up!!

We gave our little boy a wonderful life filled with love, play, walks, bike rides and more love. Sadly our baby passed away on August 6, 2013 at the young age of ten due to complications coming out of anaesthetic from a necessary surgery to remove a cancerous lump from his leg.

He was the best dog ever and we will never forget him. He changed our lives for the better. He made our family whole. His paw prints will forever be on our family’s hearts. We miss him every day and we hope we see him again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.... RIP Parker.... We love you Forever!! xo

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Oct 08, 2013
RIp Dear Parker baby
by: Sasha's mum Anjali

Saddened to hear about your lil Parker, he is a gorgeous boy.
My heart goes out to you and your lovely family.

Huggs and prayers in this hard time.

RIP dear Parker.
RIP my darling baby Sasha

Oct 08, 2013
Much Sympathy
by: Siouxz

Parker sounds like a truly wonderful friend and a real source of love and companionship. May your hearts be glad that he brought you all together. Sincere sympathy.

Oct 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

So very very sorry for your loss. We lost a female schnauzer that was just 8 yrs. old to cancer!

Oct 08, 2013
AKA Parker
by: Nauzerman

Sorry for your loss, my Schnauzer & I will say a prayer for your family & for Parker...

Oct 08, 2013
A Blessing
by: Anonymous

God bless the little fellow. He looks exactly like my Smuggler born August 9, 2011. There is nothing better in the world.

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