Palmer Prince Jackson

by Jaymi
(Springdale, AR, USA)

Palmer galloping through 2 feet of snow last winter

Palmer galloping through 2 feet of snow last winter

Palmer galloping through 2 feet of snow last winter
Tired after a long night of playing fetch
A sweet close-up

Our Mini, Palmer, has been bringing joy to our little family for over 2 years now. Despite my reluctance to own a dog, my husband presented me with a little salt and pepper bundle of fur a few years ago for my 24th birthday. He literally slept 3 days straight after we brought him home and I was thinking to myself "Wow! We picked the only laid-back puppy in the world!" He was absolutely adorable with his crooked, floppy ears bouncing all over the place as he slid along our hard wood floors in a mad dash to catch up with us as we walked from room to room.

However, that "cute" puppy stage quickly wore off after he ate a belt, destroyed a brand new satin shirt and stole all our socks, ripping holes in them and scattering them throughout the house. At that point, I saw right through his seemingly cute exterior to what he really was... a barking, needy, time-consuming dog that was costing me my sanity as well as a lot of money in the wardrobe department.

But something happened between then and now. The little guy has weaseled his way into my heart. It's safe to say I'm absolutely in love with this dog. No matter how bad of a day I might have, I always know he's patiently awaiting my arrival home, always happy to see me. It doesn't bother me that he snores louder than my husband or I, or that he stares at me while I'm sleeping when he's ready to get up in the morning. He's a part of family and he's the happiest dog in the world.

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Great pic
by: Mark

Wow, what a great picture of him running through the snow. Enjoy him!

by: Jan (Sadie's mom)

How cute!! You'll never regret owning a Mini Schnauzer, they are the best!! Enjoy him for years to come!

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