Nico and Emilio

by Lina
(Perth, WA)

Nico & Emilio

Nico & Emilio

Nico and Emilio are brothers, they are 18 weeks old and they are amazing puppies.

Although they are brothers from the same litter, they are so different. Emilio is loud, playful and energetic, whilst Nico is so cautions, smart and he prefers food more than anything else!
Emilio loves cuddles he doesn’t like to be by himself and we is always chasing Nico to play with him.

Emilio also loves his brother and he always defends him if there is any other dog around.
Nico is so smart, training him is being a really easy job; he is so vocal, so is being so easy for us to understand when he wants something.

Having two puppies is the best decision that we have ever made! Although is double work, it is also double fun!

Both love going outside and when I wear my rollers they enjoy so much their exercise.
When they were younger and we could not take them for walks, they learned to do exercise in the tread mill very easy! Everyone was amazed how happy they seemed to be running in the treadmill.
They are super smart and affectionate puppies, we are so happy to share our home with such wonderful creatures.

Comments for Nico and Emilio

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Nov 05, 2013
by: Chris

Very cool puppies

Oct 31, 2013
by: KJ

Awwwww your boys are very cute.....

Oct 30, 2013
Los Mongros
by: Peter

Si! Los Mongros el campioni del mundo hundt
Yes. Those mongrels are a world champion hounds. I think this is a blend of Spanish, Italian and German. Like the dogs themselves!

Oct 30, 2013
Just gorgeous
by: NatMat

You can't help but luv these two.

Oct 30, 2013
Two riotous boys!
by: Fletch

They look so mischievous - but I bet they know who is the boss!

Oct 30, 2013
Double Trouble
by: Shelley

Two beautiful boys that are so loved. Enjoy every moment of these special treasures.

Oct 30, 2013
Very cute!!
by: Anonymous

Very cute!!

Oct 30, 2013
Double Trouble
by: Shelley

Two beautiful boys - they are just gorgeous! Enjoy every moment.

Oct 30, 2013
Extremely cute
by: Anonymous

what a remarkable couple of creatures

Oct 30, 2013
by: Shelly

They are two cute puppies, I would love to have them as my puppies and best friend.

Oct 30, 2013
by: Laura

Nico and Emilio you guys are natural dog models! So adorable x

Oct 30, 2013
Too cute
by: Jo

Awww,your boys are sooo cute and they sound like they're a couple of characters and smart too :)

Oct 30, 2013
Very cute
by: Anonymous

Very cute puppies - You should use Nico's photo on your Christmas cards.

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