New Arrival, Ralph

by Andrew Green
(Bideford, Devon, UK)

Lazing in the Sun

Lazing in the Sun

12 week old Ralph, our very first Miniature Schnauzer, has been in the family for just 1 week now and already he is at the heart of everything going on.

Full of character Ralph has already identified his arch enemy in 'Mr Fox' (brown squeaky chew toy). During the day its adventures while in the evening a truce is signed and both end up in the crate as best of friends.

But despite all manner of squeaky toys which are available to Ralph it is the simple garden flower pot (empty) which forms the most fun and entertainment. Combined with kibble the 'flower pot game' in which kibble is hidden under pots and in the pots is by far his favourite game to date.

Outside of play and work time, Ralph also enjoys scrambled eggs, playing with beards and lazy Sundays.

Regards Ralph

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Jun 09, 2014
To Ralph & Andrew
by: Michele

Hi Ralph & Andrew. Silversocks is not American bloodline.. It's her prefix as my boys breeder lives in Harlow, Essex (UK) Rebel & Benji have an American Daddy, but not the same.I have posted photos of Benji with his plant pots & his frisbee. So if you go to the photo contest page, it'll be there. Or if you want to keep in touch with me, then we can send one another photos etc. My email is
Michele, Rambo, Rebel & Benji

Jun 09, 2014
Hi everyone
by: Andrew Green

Hi Rambo, Rebel & Benji,

Great to hear from you, and nice to know my traits arent unsual! :o) i'd love to see pictures of you all enjoying play time.

If i'm right the silversocks are italian bloodlines? ( i have white bits at the base of my legs which look alot like silversocks!:o) My dad is american (Beauideal - now kopykats) so we are an international bunch. Ventured to ringcraft for the first time tonight...went well and meet lots of new friends.

Do you show?

Lots of barking love Ralph, Andrew

Jun 07, 2014
To Ralph
by: Michele & Benji

Hi Ralph .. Mum says you are a very handsome boy... I also love playing with plant pots and I'm going to post some photos so you can see that I carry them, but they are empty..I shall post my photos on the Photo Contest..Feel Free to take a look..
what breeding is Ralph.. I'm a " Silversocks " so is Rebel but he is black and silver and six.. I'm pepper and salt.. and two..
Schnauzerly Love Rambo, Rebel & Benji x

Jun 07, 2014
How Cute
by: Deanna Bain

What a darling boy. We have a parti Schnauzer. Also the center of attention. Have fun.

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