Miniature Schnauzers Jake and Fritz To love a rescue

by Cheryl
(Desoto, TX)

Miniature Schnauzer Fritz

Miniature Schnauzer Fritz

Fifteen years ago Bart, my father-in-law's miniature schnauzer whom we brought home after he passed away, had to be put to sleep due to cancer. Even though Bart was the 1st miniature schnauzer I'd ever been around and I'd only had him for 18 months I was heartbroken when he died. I knew I had to have another one. I learned about rescue groups through my vets office.

I contacted a miniature schnauzer club in my area who did some rescue and Jake came into my life. He was about 2, or so they thought, and had been found wandering the streets. Little did I know that I too would have problems keeping him in the yard! I swear he would go around the fence and push on each picket to find one that was loose! Jake filled my life with joy, love and companionship for 15 years. The last couple of years of his life he was completely deaf so that made for some comical situations! Lots of hand gesturing on my part, or turning the stair light off/on to let him know I was home. He would bark for me to come "find him" when he didn't know where I went! On Feb 3, 2010 at age 17 I helped Jake cross the Rainbow Bridge. It was a very difficult decision to make but one I am glad is available if we need it. I was devastated and cried daily for weeks.

Of course there was no question I would get another miniature schnauzer! I contacted the same group I got Jake from but they had no dogs at that time. I went to a "meet and greet" at a local pet supply store where another rescue group had miniature schnauzers available for I have Fritz! Fritz looks different from Jake as he has cropped ears and is silver in color; Jake had natural ears and was salt & pepper. Getting used to an active dog who can hear has been an experience! Fritz was an owner surrender...the owner had a terminal condition. Fritz is a sweet 2 yr old who loves to cuddle! I hope to have many loving, joyful years with him as I did with Jake!

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by: Anette

Your story is so familiar and the most incredible part is your new dogs name.
I was looking at images of schnauzers and I saw yours, he looks exactly like my schnauzer named FRITZ too, I had him since he was 2 months old and a month ago after 14 years I had to make the most difficult decision just like you. I didn't want another dog, I wasn't ready I still cry for him, but five days ago my aunt gave this beautiful almost 2month old salt and pepper schnauzer, I named him GINO! Thanks for sharing your story.

A sad story with a happy ending.
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

I am sooooo sorry for your loss of Jake. I'm sure he loved you as much as you loved him. He is in a happy place now where he can see and act like a pup again.

Fritz is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure he too will give you many years of happiness. I work with Schnauzer Love Rescue and have 3 adopted pups out of the 7 in our pack.

Rescues are WONDERFUL!
by: Anonymous

It is so sad to have to send them to Rainbow Bridge but it would be too cruel to let them suffer. I had to put my own beloved Gus down in March 2010 and he was only 7, but had lymphoma. They told me I would only have him 1 to 2 months without chemo and I was so very blessed to have him for 8 months of very good quality of life. Bless you for going through rescue! Gus' best buddy is Max who is 4, was a rescue and they are so loving and grateful for a forever home. Your Fritz is a beautiful boy! Congratulations.

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