Miniature Schnauzer Remington

by Jennifer Hague
(Kansas City MO)

Miniature Schnauzer, Model Behavior

Miniature Schnauzer, Model Behavior

My husband and I are both only children and had a hard time deciding when the "right" time would be to finally take the plunge with a four legged addition to our family. We are both dog lovers and grew up with dogs all during our childhood, but had never had the responsibility when we lived on our own. We knew we wanted a hypo-allergenic dog that doesn't shed due to my allergies and liked what we read about the mini schnauzer. I eventually convinced my husband to come with me to just "look" at one of the salt and pepper schnauzers I found online. We of course fell in love with this little guy, now known as Remington (Remmy).

We could not imagine life without our special fur baby.
I am a dog photographer and Remington has been my daily inspiration, #1 model and furry best friend. I treat him just like a child and love him with all my heart. He is quite the character and brings us so much joy and laughter every day.

Remington is a very handsome one-year old boy who just celebrated his birthday in January with his best friend Murphy, a poodle/bichon. They each wore birthday hats and had a special doggy cake personalized just for them.

From Remington: "I love my Mommy and Daddy very much! Daddy is really funny when he wrestles with me like doggies do. And Mommy gives me lots of attention with that interesting thing she calls a camera.

She buys me new toys and treats and likes to make sure I am in style with handsome bandanas, sweaters and even a raincoat so I don't get my fur wet when the water comes from the sky. She must know I really don't like being wet! I even have doggy booties for the snow, which I must say I really like my paws staying dry.

Mommy and Daddy also bring me to doggy daycare three times a week where I get to see my doggy friends and play all day! What a woof-tastic life! I would love to be your featured schnauzer of the month!"

Love, Remington

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