Miniature Schnauzer Ebenezer

by Karen Gallagher
(Sebastian, Florida USA)

Miniature Schnauzer, Ebenezer looking for Easter eggs!

Miniature Schnauzer, Ebenezer looking for Easter eggs!

Ebenezer came to our home as a rescue. He's a male mini-schnauzer, 22 months old. He was given to a family with two boys and a single mom. After a week, they decided that he was too much work, and they really couldn't afford him. He had been kept in a crate most of the time (16-18 hours a day).

A neighbor of this family, told her sister to ask around to see if anyone knew of a family that would want a mini-schnauzer. She and her husband contacted me. I thought about it for a day, asked my husband that evening, and the rest is history. We made an appointment to see him, and ended up taking him home with us.

Ebenezer is the absolute joy in our lives. He loves to play with any toy that is squeeky and he can make noise (to be sure we notice him...). He likes for us to hide his treats or toys, and can't wait to begin the search and find. He likes riding in the car, and going anywhere we go. He's a lap dog too, only when he want to be...!

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recession schnauzer
by: tony

well we got our minature schnauzer 2 years ago she is 8 now her name is penny she was a recession dog the couple that had her decided that they were going there own way and she was the casualty but we have never looked back we love her and we will post pictures of our pet

handsome young man
by: Anita

We own a mini schnauzer, and our life wouldn't be the same without him. Sam has just turned 3, and has brought sunshine to our life. Ebenezer is just gorgeous, we hope he brings you the same love and joy that sam brings to us.

Perfect name!
by: RB Baker

Ebenezer is a handsome boy! His name fits him perfectly!

Ebenezer The Great
by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Oh my goodness Ebenezer sure is one handsome boy.
Y'all are very lucky to get such a good pupster.

Super Dog
by: Cathy

I personally know Ebenezer, and he is a great dog. Very friendly, and loves to watch football and westerns on tv!

Handsome Schnauzer
by: beth

Ebenezer is quite the handsome schnauzer. Glad you rescued him.

Mini but Mighty
by: Karen

I love my mini-schnauzer! He's such a smart boy. He brings laughter to our home every day! You rock, Ebenezer!!!

Best Dog
by: Jim

He's the "Best Dog" ever!!

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