Mini Schnauzer Cosmo

by ivy rivera
(sunny isles,florida,u.s.a)

Miniature Schnauzer, just chilling

Miniature Schnauzer, just chilling

I got Cosmo when it was my birthday. I was turning 12 and went to go look at dogs because I really wanted one. My old dog (my boxer) could not live with us anymore and had to move to my grandmoms house in New York. I just really missed petting a dog on the head and rubbing their belly, playing fetch, taking them for a walk and a lot more other stuff.

Then I saw Cosmo.

At first I didn't want him, I wanted this other dog - a beagle that was more social. Cosmo was just laying down not doing anything. So I was playing with the beagle and then walked down to Cosmo's cage and tried to pet him but he would just lay there.

I went home thinking about which dog to get. I thought about the beagle and Cosmo and other dogs. When I got home, I told my parents about the dogs. They said they didn't know if we should get one and I was just like nooooooooo.

Then they went food shopping, they brought the bags up and said they forget a few more things and went to get them. The next thing I know, there's a dog in my living room! I just ran up to him and gave him a huge hug! It was Cosmo and me and him were inseparable every since. I wouldn't trade him for the world we do everything together. I love him till the last beat of my heart!

Cosmo is a three year old male miniature schnauzer. He was born on January 15,2007. His favorite toy is a squeaky plush squirrel that he can play with all day. Cosmo's favorite treat is a meat sandwich (real meat). His favorite game is to play laser light where he chases light. Cosmo hates it when he can't come with me somewhere and I hate that too.

Cosmo is just so full of life and I love him!

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thank you everyone
by: ivy

thanks everyone for your comments!and i will try try to add more pics of him :-)

What a cutie pie.
by: Corky

Cosmo is a very cute Schnauzer, and should give you many more years of happiness.

Cosmo pic
by: Anonymous

Cosmo is one lucky dog. Sounds like you really have a great time together. Try and get more pics of him! :)

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