Mini Schnauzer Buddy

by Susan Stanley
(Dover, NH USA)

Buddy, my dear buddy!

Buddy, my dear buddy!

Buddy will turn 12 years old tomorrow! Born in March, on a Friday the 13th, he has been everything but bad luck! He was one of 5 puppies born and he and I chose each other as soon as we met. I have always thought that God made us for each other. We have a huge connection to each other, unlike any other connection to a pet that I've owned. He is zany in nature and in his younger years he dearly loved his toy carrot, carrying it around and squeaking it constantly. As soon as the carrot would start to look worn, I'd buy another one to replace it so he would never be without his dear friend! We still have the original toy though and occasionally he will pick it up, for old times sake. His new passion in his later years has become napping. It's become his favorite hobby I think! But no matter what he chooses to do, he is my Buddy and best friend. He is so loyal to me that I know he feels the same way! I am so blessed to have him.

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by: The Sassy 7 Pack

Buddy looks like a real sweetie. I'm sure he loves you just as much as you love him.

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