Meet the "Fessor"

by Rachelle
(Upton, MA, USA)

southern gentleman

southern gentleman

southern gentleman
my snuggle bug
watching the rain

Fessor is a pure bred 2 yr old white mini who came to me from a southern rescue by way of a high kill shelter in Memphis. Tn. After losing my 9 yr old female salt and pepper, Mattie, in March, I immediately knew that I could not live without a schnauzer in my life. Professor (Fessor for short) was sick with a blood infection and icky worms when he came to me in April. He had scars and stitches and had clearly been through alot.

For the first month he didn't bark, barely ate and hid from everyone and every thing. His back legs were so weak he couldn't jump or climb stairs without help... I was so worried about him but he snuggled with me every night in my bed, and I knew deep down that no matter what, he had a better life here with me than he did or would have had in Tn.

Now, 7 weeks later, Fess is a totally new dog! He barks a funny low "woof" bark and has recently started to "woo-woo". He plays with toys and his favorite Red Sox blanket and has no trouble with the stairs and can even jump on furniture (boo) :) Although at first I was unsure whether adopting was a good idea, I am now convinced that saving a dog from a high kill shelter is a wonderful option. I still miss my Mattie-girl each and every day, but I take great comfort in my snuggle bug, Fessor.

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May 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

first of all,thank you for rescuing her;

i had a pure white mini named casper (R.I.P.)my good boy,and many of the behaviors you mentioned occurred in him,including a sound ,that to us ,sounded like"ooh ooh"sort of like oooh that looks great sound;

Casper,my good boy was lovingly put to sleep in sept. 2010,i miss him every day...i know that 'fessor" will be as special to you as Casper,my good boy,was to me;'
by the way,since he was a rescue from an amish puppy mill,he didn't have strength in his rear legs either,but good nutrition(Wellness brand dog food for example) and daily walks ,overcame that deficiency in a short period of time;

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