Meet mrs.emerald mc peloss

Queen of the world!

Queen of the world!

Queen of the world!
Roll over without falling asleep this time
Rise and shine!

Emerald, (also called peloss which means hairy in Spanish) is a very smart and dumb at the same time. Giving him a pill is very hard because he knows when we are trying to sneak it in.

One of my favorite parts about her is how she howls when she hears a fire truck. it is funny how surprised she looks when she squeaks her own toy. She is a ball of fluff (well she just was groomed but...) and energy. at the same time she is cuddly and sleepy.

She recently suffered from a car accident. Everyone thought she wouldn't make It but we held strong and broke through. she is three years old. We celebrate her birthday by going to the beach and giving her a cake made for dogs. She is friends with four fish, two rabbits, two turtles, my family, a few cats, and many dogs. she snores in the night, too! 😋😋😋

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