Meet little Maxi from San Diego

by Celeste deleon
(San Diego , CA )

Maxi the Brave

Maxi the Brave

Feisty Max is a true and loyal little buddy. She is 10 years old now and still thinks she is a puppy. She has been through a lot, and now has a heart murmur- no problem- she takes her meds every day like a champ and she is feeling great!

Maxi loves to play and if you are ever feeling sad, she will lift you up and make you smile. Snuggling is her favorite hobby and protecting Mommy is her most important job. She goes everywhere with me and is always on patrol. Her love for me never wavers and my love for her is the same.

Kiss, love and hug your Schnauzer right now!!! Tell them you love them, play with them, give them praise, rub their belly, scratch their back, lean on them and just enjoy the moment. They are precious and I never get enough.

I have had Maxi since she was 9 weeks old - time flies and all I do is pray for the most time I can have with her. I believe I am the luckiest schnauzer owner in the world - don’t you? Cheers from San Diego!

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by: Ellen

Hello. I too have a min schnauzer with a heart mumof; leak in her mitral valve which is now very large. She is 11 yrs old and was diagnosed two years ago. Her name is " Spirit " and she is the light in my life and has my heart. Her cardiologist only gave her 9’to 12 mos to live back in Jan as her heart leak progressed greatly in the past year. She is my everything . She is also a diabetic and has been given two insulin shots daily for the past 4 years. She also underwent cataract surgery two years ago to save sight to one eye as the diabetes caused blindness. She is a fighter. A lover and loves life. I’m not ready to say goodbye. She is all I have. I’ve tried so hard to help her. I love her so

Maxi looks like our Tony
by: Marianne DiNenno from PA

We lost our 14.5 year old mini Schnauzer this past November. We miss him terribly. Scrolling through Facebook tonight I saw this photo and found Maxi looks so similar to our Tony, especially the eyes and face. Hug and love that precious Schnauzer. We haven't found it easy to locate another in our area to add to our family. Hopefully someday we'll be able to bring another to our home.

Great Story
by: Phyllis

Too stinkin Cute!

by: Anonymous

Maxi is a sweet little thing! I hope you have many more happy years together. Mini schnauzers are the BEST!!

*mom to Kioton: 11.30.10 - 12.06.17*

What a lovely schnauzie
by: Jackie

Just wanted to say what a lovely little schnauzer is Maxi. Thanks for sharing. May you have many many more happy years together. I love my two schnauzie babies ... they're beautiful.

Schnauzers Rule
by: Gary Santillo

My BabyG is 14 and a half years young!!!! My precious angel is here for me ever since I lost my beautiful Mom over 14 years ago. Love and miss my Mom every second of the day.
BabyG is the Most intelligent and caring human being that you could ever ask for. To this day, I’m still waiting for her to do something bad!!!!!! She makes life complete, and I can guarantee my Mom has everything to do with BabyG being here to watch me and take care of me and make me laugh and I’m soo Damn proud of her!!!!!! Love my kid to death


Gary S. From Pennsylvania

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