Love at First Site, Miss Pepper

by Penny

Miss Pepper

Miss Pepper

I came from a puppy mill. I lost my puppies due to stress when I was rescued. I was so scared I literally shook. My foster mom thought I would end up with her because no one would have the patience and temperament for such a scared girl.

The day I met my mom, she looked me in the eyes and said that I would be loved and spoiled forever. When I get scared from fireworks, thunder storms, loud noises and stuff, I shake and want to hide. My mom just holds me tight and says she gets scared sometimes too, but she will keep me safe. She says I am her “exotic beauty”. It was 9 months before I shared my voice with her.

I have been with mom for one year now, as of this last weekend. Even though I only knew Mom’s Misty girl for 2 months before she went to the rainbow bridge, I missed her too. Somehow Mom thought that meant we needed a new fur monkey to keep me busy. Except for the trials of being a big sister now, I feel like the luckiest dog.

Funny, mom says she’s the luckiest mom every day. Mom has also decided to chronicle my trials as a big sis in a series of Momma’s Girl comics on facebook. I’m not sure others are ready for such information.

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thanks & helps
by: Penny

Thanks for all of your helps with the scaredness.

I do use a thundershirt to help when she gets really scared. It doesn't solve it, but it helps. With the thunderstorms - we play our nightly "pretty" (classical)music louder and sometimes all night.

The worst is the fireworks - she HATES them & despite what Ceasar says- she remembers and doesn't live in the moment. Whatever scared her before, fireworks are a huge trigger. She still wants to run and hide in a corner (and she will still hide behind and under my pillow in bed still), but for the most part she will come and let me hold her or tuck her at my side (I'll usually put her thundershirt on too for an extra snuggle). From the time I got her last March for 5 months- every night we had fireworks... she would refuse to go out or go potty at twilight or after dark. We've had a couple of rogue firework incidents over the last couple of weeks and she is already refusing to go potty at night. I really hate fireworks now. Considering the depth of her fear- she is still very brave and willing to work with me on things. She has come such a long way in the last year - it is really amazing.

For Miss Pepper
by: cindy

Miss Pepper is so precious. Thank you for saving her. I read she is still fearful of noises. I did a search on the website and there's lots of really good information on how to calm fears in a dog on this page.

Hope it will help Miss Pepper too.

miss pepper
by: Anonymous

no my good boy never got over his fear of loud noises;

my wife,through foster & smith catalogue obtained a over the counter medication for this type of problem;it seemed to work far better than any other method; if we were anticipating noise(thunderstorm,4th of july,etc.) we would give it to him ahead of time,as i recall it worked pretty well;

i am so lucky!
by: Anonymous

Did Casper ever get over his shaking and mellow out? Pepper still has an awful time & it's been a year now. She has an especially bad time with fireworks (last year the jerks fired them off for 5 months every night- starting from about now).

Pepper, Daisy, and the fosters (one of which my niece has) saved me. I don't know how I would have made it through losing Misty last year without them. They were a blessing and they definitely did the saving. I was just smart enough to say OK.

miss pepper
by: Anonymous

thank you for rescuing miss pepper,my good boy,casper, was also a puppy mill rescue,who shook whenever a loud noise went off near enough for him to hear; he also only barked when my daughters dog .a schnauzer-poodle mix,barked;when that puppy pre-deceased my good boy,he never barked again;he went to the rainbow bridge in 2010,and to this day i miss him dearly;

R.I.P. my good boy,casper

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