Little Miss Love to eat :)

by Tijana
(Belgrade , Serbia)

This is me first time in the walk :)

This is me first time in the walk :)

This is me first time in the walk :)
This is me sleeping on my favorite pooh
This is me, with only two monhts and my bottle :)
Me on the bar, very shaggy asking for beer :)

Hello everyone.

I am small miniature black schnauzer Tea-a little girl. I'm from Belgrade , Serbia. I'm almost three years old and I'm very happy dog. My family loves me.

My favorite toys are little teddy bear-Winnie Pooh, big pig and little yellow ball with sounds. Oh and one toy that looks like a egg with bulging eyes (that bought me my best man friend Peter).

I sleep in bed with my owner side by side.
I love to eat and I wake up every morning my owner to get the chocolate. I love to walk, play and chase the birds.

I love to cuddle, but I dont like people to pet the other dogs in my presence. I think that I am the center of universe :).

When I see someone who I love, I'm starting to bark to say hello. One time a girl saw me and she says to me " Oooh you are sow uggly :)" . I just turned the cheek and continued to enjoy walking

I love to sing or howling. You can see me at

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