Free to a good home...Schnauzer

by Kim
(Flowery Branch, GA)



Charlie had been abandoned outside on a HOT summer Georgia Day in front of petsmart. His attitude towards people in general was NOT good from fear most likely. The gal that found him called her friend to see if she could keep him on her farm for a bit. If not animal control would have put him down most likely.

6 months later, Jan. 2007, I was sitting in my kitchen and my deceased Schnauzer came to visit. Look in the paper, he said. I said, we are not ready for another dog just yet. (he had only been gone 2 months) He said DO IT NOW!. So I looked and there was an ad ... Free to a good home, Schnauzer.

I called her and asked a few questions, she said at least I knew what a schnauzer was. why was she giving him away? because she had a new baby, 2 and 4 yr old and her hubby had 3 large dogs... and it was just too much. I talked to my husband and we agreed to meet this 13 pound schnauzer. (had heartworm which we had taken care of)

However the phone rang busy for 3 more days. Finally it said.. the dog is gone. So I left a message... if you find another rescue please let us know. She called back immediately and said he was still there and we arranged to meet in a park the next day.

There he was... a little dog in an ugly red sweater prancing like he was royalty. We got out and met him (and unbeknown to me... Andy gave him a treat) On the ride home with him in my lap, I moved in to give Charlie a kiss.. growls. Oh he must not have meant that.. moved in again.. louder growls. OH!

Turns out he must have been abused by a woman because unless it thundered out, He was ALL Daddy's dog. And he barked at any woman he met for the longest time. Not only that but when a few months later Andy was away for a weekend, Charlie refused to eat. So never again was he left by his daddy.. Never over nite. If we were to go somewhere, if Charlie couldn't come, Andy didn't go. Suited Charlie (a name someone else gave him) just fine.

Two years later and until last week (May 29, 2013) he was my love also. What a character!! he could talk, and when my husband lost his hearing (not quite all of it) Charlie would bark to get his attention which he rarely did in our house ... and he learned to come to me to tell Daddy it was time to go out.

Oh and if Andy was in the cupboard to get one of his English cookies Charlie was RIGHT there. Andy said his biscometer was on. (English cookies are called Biscuits. ) Charlie always got a little bite.

My husband rolls his cigarettes. What did that mean to Charlie? IT MUST BE TIME to go out. And he stood at attention waiting to go with him outside. And he always reminded us

1. if we forgot to give him his treat for being a good boy outside and
2. that 6 pm was dinner time.

What a love and he is greatly missed.

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In search of a friend
by: Roberta

I lost my 13 year old mini schnauzer girl in October followed by her 14 year old brother in January. How I miss my babies. Would love to have another mini schnauzer for love and companionship, a young dog or adult. I am in central Florida and they are hard to find.

by: Larry brown

Just lost our little girl and are| looking for a new little girl any help would be appreciated can't afford the prices they ask thank you for your let me post.Larry

Gone to soon
by: Stephanie

My baby boy frank was taken from us on 9/17/2022 He was very young , I will never know what happened to him my heart hurts everyday for him . Iv looked and looked for another little fella but no luck w the right fit . Forever in my heart my baby frank.

Mrs L Hall
by: Laraine Hall

We lost our miniature schnauzer a few months ago Josh was 14 years old we miss him so much and would love another one as we love the breed. Joshy was a clever little boy and loved his toys going for a walk even playing hide and seek, he is sadly missed by all our family. My husband and I are at home all day, we are ready to give a little schnauzer a very happy home and a garden that he or she can run about in.

Free to a good and loving home
by: Anonymous

Hello Friends,

I have a 5 month old female mini Schnauzer that I need to rehome because my 11 year old male Maltese Mix isn't too welcoming. She has her first shot series and rabies done. She is so loving and sweet but I have no choice.

If interested, please email me at

Thank you,

Giant Schnauzer
by: Anonymous

We are looking for a home for my sons 6 year old giant schnauzer. The dog is located in Baton Rouge, La. He is a very loving animal. We can be reached at if you have an interest.

by: Anonymous

My sweet lexie was my world she talked, did tricks. She would let me dress her up. She went everywhere I went. Than one day I was walking her at the dog walk and someone had put some dog food out it had poison in it, lexie ate the dog food and passed away. She was my heart I would love nothing better than to have another one 💛

by: Grace

We lost our rescued schnauzer in october after 8 years He was 6 years old when we adopted him from a animal rescue.He was our baby! We miss him so much.
Looking for another rescue to adopt. HELP

We lost our 14 yr old schnauzer in October. We miss him so much. We rescued him at 6 years old and
he was 14 when he died. He developed diabetes and had to have insulin shots twice a day his last 3 years. Also almost blind and deaf. We made his life
as happy as possible his last 2 years. Looking for another to rescue!

My companion for 7 yrs .
by: Tony C

My boy Max hey passed Feb 12 2020 4 30 a m . he had Lymphoma it came on so fast 2 months , then he died he came to me to tell me its time i got on the floor with him held his face to comfort him told him i loved him dont be scared i said then 3 breaths later he was gone. i dug him his final resting place . placed him now i start my day by going out back to be with him looking at all my pictures and videos he was a guys guy R I P best friend max your the best thank you for allowing me to share this it feels good to talk about my dear boy I love you max.

Want to adopt
by: Roberta Lee

My sweet girl schnauzer of 12 yrs. passed away. I am missing her terribly. I can offer a very good home and much love. I live in a dog friendly neighborhood. She/he would have friends as well as a big, big yard to play in.and the whole house to wander any place he/she wants.. My girl slept on my bed because that is what she wanted. And ... Of all things, she was adopted from a Ga. Animal shelter. Oh! How I miss my sweet little Eloise. The day before she passed I took her to get chicken nuggets and a ride in the car. Eloise loved to eat out.I can offer a very good home and lots of love.

by: Debs

We were given our precious Bunny by a friend while I was pregnant with my only living child. Bunny-bun-buns ruled the roost! She loved our son when he came, always slept with a human, loved everyone and never met a camera she didn’t like—she’d jump in every picture! One day, while at work, the winds blew our fence down and Bunny was stolen from us when she was 7. After posters, flyers, ads (this was pre-chip), a lady told us she’d seen her, picked her up & decided to keep her, but she’d allowed her boys to take her to the park, where Bunny was hit by a van. She said she was only telling me this because her mom said I "needed closure" (honor among thieves?) I Don’t know that I believed this and made many attempts to continue to find her, to no avail. Years later, a friend found a Schnauzer that had been dropped off in her neighborhood. After being unable to locate the owner, she took the Schnauzer to the vet, who told her the poor baby needed surgery and was most likely dropped off because of that, but before the owners realized she was pregnant. She had 7 pure-bred pups, and we took 2. They’re the sweetest boys ever, and a reminder to me that my sweet a Bunny has never left me!

My precious Crickett
by: Wanda

I lost my Crickett on July 21, 2020 and now I am lost. We did everything together... ate, prayed, walked, slept & played. We had not even been separated for over 7 years, except for her surgeries. She had a very good bloodline which made her more susceptible to bladder stones,the calcium oxidase ones. I fed her exactly as instructed, tried antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, even special dog chews.
I'm 64,disabled (but can get around), & have lost my husband and parents.
I know no baby will ever replace her unique personality; but, I want a new one to love & spoil. My schnauzer before her lived almost 17 years. I've tried looking at ads, but they all want lots of money for dogs with microchips & I guess superb breeding. My baby will never be out if my eyesight & I don't want the medical problems if that fine breeding can bring.
Anyone reading this I pray God touches your heart as Crickett touched mine & will help me. No one could love her baby more.

Schnauzer Lover
by: Linda

There are so many beautiful Schnauzers up for adoption through out the United States. Here in Toronto, Ontario Canada and in suburban area of Ontario so many people here are looking for one and none are available, just puppies from breeders.

like to adopt a mimi schnauzer in Flagstaff area
by: Nettie

I just had a dream that a pet was returning to me I had known before in its other life. It was a mini schnauzer. Anyone know if a Schnauzer that is looking for a home.

Rin Tin Tin
by: Kathy

Our mini passed away February 1st, 2020; I have cried every single day, my husband too. Our last schnauzer passed at 15 just two years ago Rin Tin Tin had to be put to sleep at almost 14. We have been so fortunate to have had him in our lives; I just won't ever feel the same.
We have a Rescue Schnauzer who is 7; but have had him only one year. He spent his whole life in a breeder's cage; doesn't know what a toy is; we had to teach him how to go up and down stairs; and he was so afraid. He is a beautiful baby; but never bonded with humans and still runs from us. Amazingly he seems very depressed now without a fur friend.
I wouldn't even think of another mini now, except for the loneliness of my recue and honestly the hole in my own heart. Beyond sad.

What happened next?
by: Anonymous

2 weeks after Charlie dies, a foster with Schnauzer love rescue reached out to us because we would from and a special boy needed lots of walks with his IBS. We were able to give another schnauzer in need a home.

Schnauzers at their best
by: Sampath Parthasarathy

Cherish the memories. Mini Schnauzers are even better than humans-full of love and character. They are clowns, wise, philosophers, caregivers, emotional rescuers, above all just be fun with. I have two-Nina and Jasmine. I hope, I go before them. I can't leave them even for a moment-For my wife, they are dogs. For me, they are my Guardian Angels.

schnauzer wanted
by: james collins

lost my jerry i had 15 years sept 6 2004 to nov 20 he had seizers and and heart mermor i put him to sleep nov 20 2019 i cry eveeyday for him go to work partime no soon as i get in my car i start crying, tears rollin down my face as i write,this house is lonely and quite i dont think i will ever be the same , they say time heals but for me i dont belive it,whats next for me and my life he was allll in needed in my life now hes gone 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

My sweep
by: Jacqueline leith

It's been two years today my sweet baby boy sooty still missing you as I am I can't console myself I miss you so much my best friend
Love you always
Mum xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Our hearts are broken!
by: Pat Shuster

Our little Pepper went to doggy heaven this last Saturday, July 13, 2019. We loved that little dog so much. She was always there to welcome us home, now it hurts so much to know she's not there. Pepper had diabetes and required insulin twice a day, plus eye drops three times a day. We kept a chart to make sure she always got her medications. She was not quite 7 when she was diagnosed, she almost made it to her 10th birthday.😢 She was the boss of the house and made sure we took many walks each day. She brightened our neighbors and friends lives too. You couldn't sneak a snack without getting her something too. She will live in our hearts forever!

by: Anonymous

Would love to have minature schnauzer
Already trained.. I am 74 yrs old..I had one .her name was Cookie her 2009..lost her last year.
Some one poisoned her.

Schnauzer Mom
by: Em Carter

The first dog I had as an adult, was a black miniature schnauzer and I loved him every day until he died of cancer when he was 15. Due to the high cost, I couldn’t get another miniature Schnauzer for 15 years and then decided it was time and I got a beautiful little girl. Since getting her, we grew to adore her and I decided to bring the same joy to other homes by breeding her and selling the puppies cheap to amazing families so that the dogs are guaranteed a wonderful life and can make a family like mine, that doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a dog, able to welcome a mini schnauzer into their family. I truly hope other breeders will take a step back and see that helping unite a family with a miniature schnauzer is more important than making a bunch of money. I think covering your expenses and a little extra for your time is adequate, since the payoff is providing a mini schnauzer a fabulous new home and family.

Schnauzers are the best breed
by: Anonymous

My little schnauzer is called Rosie she is the second mini schnauzer I have owned she's an amazing dog with a huge character she sits next to me every evening while she has her cuddles . I suffer with depression and she knows when I'm having a bad day she will be right there with me making sure I'm ok x I couldn't ask for a better beautiful best friend x

My sweep
by: Jacqueline leith

Hiya it's been a year since our sweep past on the 27th September we are all still heart broken his little brother sooty is just coming around sleeping in places were him and sweep used to be together we have however got another brother for him bleu he was born on the 28th September 2017 from the same breader I believe he is sweep came back to us out of nine gorgeous puppies he came running to me love and miss you with a passion sweep god bless my baby

Mum dad sooty and Theresa xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

I ready for a other lovely shaumxerdi
by: Tonya Meyers

I had a lovely miniature schnauzer for 13 years he was my best friend and the most amazing fog I have ever had miss him so

I am ready to adopt another schnauzer to love and be my best friend

Thought I was to old for another schnauzer
by: Ann

After my Schatzie crossed the rainbow bridge I thought I would not get another dog. I was nearing my 80th birthday and thought I was to old. NOT I found a breeder in New Jersey and got JAKE a black min schnauzer. It was the best thing for me he is so attached to me he follows me around the house I am his mom. You are never to old especially when you have so much love to give.. He sticks to me like glue and he tolerates my husband. We both love this Jake and thank God we found him.

Nina, the Princess of Kastler
by: sam

For 69 years, I lived with a fear of dogs. Then we decided to get one. After intense search of all breeds, I settled on a miniature schnauzer and got a 3 year old Nina. What a character!
Talks to me and she has adapted me. I am at her service. A delight every minute of the day. White/silver/liver colored beauty who demands my attention and amuses me. Finicky in eating and her royalty does not tolerate other dogs during our walk. Has a "boy friend", a neighbor's dog, with whom she runs around the yard endlessly.
My point-I am 70 years old and hate to see it end. I can't bear to part with her and hope she will live beyond me.
She does seem lonely (she was raised by a professional, caring breeder amidst other miniature and toy schnauzers). Should I get another one?

by: karen

I have just lost my baby, by heart is broken, hopefully one day another dog will come to me when my Buzz finds me one that he thinks suitable.

I love my Max
by: Anonymous

I know it breaks your heart to lose your schnauzers. I've had Max since he was a baby and slept between our pillows. Just the thought of not having him brings tears to my eyes. Anyone that hasn't had a schnauzer has no idea what joy they bring to your life. I thank God we were given to Max. Because that's how it is; Max rules the house and thinks everyone comes to see him!!!

by: Rosemarie

I lost my baby Otto on October 15, 2017, I’m still so heartbroken, it was very sudden. I adore dogs but I’m so not ready for a new one! I miss my little guy too much!

Reggie is gone forever
by: Anonymous

I lost my best friend of 11 half years. I had to Euthanize him cause he had last stage Lymphoma all thru his body. I did not want him to suffer anymore so I made a hard decision to have him put down it killed me this happen yesterday and I'm heart broken cause I lost the best friend I ever had he loved me unconditionally. I stayed with him to the end as he took is last breath and heart beat. I will miss him forever.

by: Jo

We had a white miniature Schnauzer and we lost him on September 19, 2017.
Our hearts are aching and we miss him a lot, and we cannot afford another one.
Why do they charge so much money for a little dog that can make people happy.

Our sweep
by: Jacqui leith

We have had sweep for 12 and half years he sadly passed away on the ,27 the September 2017 I'm so heart broken and so is his little brother sooty

We love you and miss you with a passion
Mum dad and sooty

by: Arlie

My Diane was my pal for 6 years until December 22 of last year i let her out to go to the bathroom and someone stole her. We did everything together. I miss my baby. I have had this emptiness since.looking for another mini schnauzer.

Lifetime schnauzers
by: Anonymous

When Mum died 26 years ago, I inherited her 4 yr old schnauzer, Judy, and have never looked back. Until now. My fourth schnauzer, Jack, died of cancer at the end of June, 2017. His companion, Charlotte, 15, had died last Christmas.

They were my constant companions, seldom home without me, and I miss them so much. Smart, affectionate, playful, social......great dogs.

I am "almost" ready for another baby....but not really a baby. An adult would suit me better, as I'm no kid myself. Currently I look after an elderly friend's dog (ShiTzu/Bichon cross), who is vastly overweight and needs me to walk him every day. Oscar is 8 and lovely, and should his mum die, I know he'd be best coming to me. But he knew and loved Charlotte and Jack, so we'd all be fine together, if I were to adopt another schnauzer, if it came to that.

Missing my friend
by: Debby

My first schnauzer was a rescue he was a great dog he talked did great tricks. When he passed i went n bought 2 schnauzers they had a litter n i was so excited then i found out ihave cancer i sold or gave puppies away n lady the mom went to my friends with children tramp the dad passed 3 years ago n i am ready to have a new buddy i live alone and need a friend to play please let me know

best schnauzer i ever had
by: Anonymous

After we lost are schnauzer in Oct of 2008.I WAS Looking in the local news paper when i saw a ad free schnauzer .When my wife came home i told her about the ad she ask me if i had called the # and I said no. later that day we pick up Tasha. she had fleas and a cherry eye . We had her for seven years.
We had to put her down on June 03 2017 .

by: Connethe

Beautiful it made my heart ACH I had my constant loveing companion for 9years. Someone took him from my yard 7 weeks ago. I always thought that God put him in my life because he knew that I was going to really need the love and companionship in times to come. And he really did help so much. I don't think I can ever stop looking for him and I know that he is as unhappy as I am, because he didn't want to be away from me.

by: bonnie

I have had schnauzers for 23 years scruffy went to doggie haven last June I am looking to adopt to honor his memory. My name is Bonnie I am in pa

looking for a schnauzer
by: Douglas Glore

I would love to have him!!

Lovely Man...
by: Sasha's mum Anjali

Thanking you immensly for rescuing him and giving him a lovely home.
I visualised his Biscometer... was lovely.
My sasha loved cheese too... all her meds were given with lite cheese...:-)

You gave him the best love and life...
Keeping you Both in my thoughts and prayers..

Take care...

by: Mark

What great memories you have of him. Sorry for your loss.

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