excitement screaming on leash when he sees another dog

We are struggling with Kernal he is 18 months old was 5 months when we bought him he had not been socialized, he is perfect in every way apart from outside on his lead screaming and shouting for other dogs we have tried even a police dog training, whistles, water, clickers, toys collars nothing has worked it is very frustrating we have bought another Milo whom Kernal adores they love each other but it still has made no difference to Kernal's behaviour outside

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My Malteser/shitzu has a problem with a Giant Schauzer. HELP
by: Anonymous

Every time my 8 year old sees the Giant Schnauzer who lives around the corner from us, he goes mental. He screams and cries like he's being tortured. He only reacts like this to that particular dog. Is there something about the Schnauzer that kicks my boy off? My dog never makes these noises, or behaves this way with anything or anyone else.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Any insight would be welcomed. Thank you.

by: Charlotte’s Mom

Charlotte !!screams!! the most when I come inside the house after being away. She is so excited to see me. She doesn’t scream for other family members when they return hone. The only way she stops is if I pick her up and hold her. When guests come over, she barks, and same thing: I pick her up, and she stops.

On walks, I am really trying to always get her eyes on me by using kibble or freeze dried salmon (strong smell that quickly distracts her). When I see a dog or person I think can set off her screams, I put her in sit or down and capture her attention with treats that I only give if she obeys me. Pretty soon she’s only focused on the food and patiently just looks at the other dogs and whines a bit. This doesn’t work all the time, but it really helps!

by: Schnauzers Rule

We did provide an answer to Sue quite a long time ago. It is there. Just go through the answers

Schnauzers Screaming
by: MzB2U

I commented quite a while back about this problem as have many others. What I find strange is that NO ONE has come forth with any suggestions to help us with this problem. We all have good dogs but they all seem to have the same screaming issue. This seems to be a schnauzer trait. Can someone from your site offer us some suggestions on what we could try. I think enough of us have reached out to you. Just saying.

Schnauzer, Rico screaming at people and dogs
by: Janet

Hi,my 6 month old schnauzer just screams and barks
When he sees people and other dogs,he is just so excitable help please

HIgh pitch screaming when other dog fight or dominate him
by: Buddy

Hello,I need help here.
My schnauzer 3 years old, Buddy having high pitch screaming/barking when other dogs having a fight. He will go and bark at dog A, then dog B. Perhaps trying to stop the fight. But it is annoying.

When a big dog dominate him, he will scream like someone is killing him.

So people do complain about me, and Buddy which is quite upset.

by: Anonymous

I have 2 female mini schnauzers, they are nearly 6 and yes have the scream, have tried everything possible to stop them but to no avail, as previous people have said in the house couldnt ask for better dogs (until someone knocks on the door) they are great with our small grandson, it's just the scream.

Thomas Screaming On Walks
by: Alicia Lewis


I too am having the screaming issue with my Miniature Schnauzer Thomas. He is a very good boy inside the house, but we are unable to control him outside. If Thomas spots another dog - he will scream at the top of his lungs until he gets to say. We have tried many approaches of carrying high reward dog treats to grab his attention, and he even attempting to calm him down by rubbing his chest while he sits. Nothing is working.

Please help!

Screaming Schnauzer
by: Matt S

This is our 2nd schnauzer, and from what I have seen now....most act this way. We are trying to break Max, now 2, from doing this. He is normally well behaved and a dream around the house. But, put him on a leash and he becomes a different dog, especially when another dog/animal gets his attention. We have had him trained, flies on planes, is a support animal, but this one behaviour we have not been able to train. And his screaming is "LOUD and HIGH PITCHED". I think anyone who has this issue knows and is sympathetic.

We are going to try a bark collar with citronella. I am able to pick him up, and this will stop him, but I am alpha. It is not socialization or anything else, but a matter of training and persistence. I will try the treats thing and see if that helps also. We worry as he occasionally flies, and if he sees another dog in an airport....that would be a nightmare. This is really his last issue, and this rapid movement thing(kids on bikes, kids in general, fast moving objects) get him squeeling and he wont stop until out of sight.

I sympathize with others. Just persistence is next. It is in the breed....anyone that says otherwise is mistaken.

Walking without the stress of screaming and squealing
by: Anonymous


We too are distressed when walking our gorgeous miniature schnauzer. She is absolutely adoring when at home, calm, quiet and loves her space, that is until someone comes to visit (screams and squeals for a good few minutes)...but it's the walking that I am most saddened by. I love to walk... We got her (we were her 3rd home) at 17'ish weeks. She is almost two (in April) and when I see how she reacts to her world all heightened with excitement while at unknownely scaring all those near her...it breaks my heart. She can do all sorts of tricks and waits until we simply nod to feed her (would waits a long time if we let her), it's the walking. I have tried 5 different harnesses, she will choke herself if just on her collar (and doesn't care)... and we still persist because it's important to exercise her... I read about clickers about bark collars and nothing seems to sit comfortably with us. Suggestions would be warmly welcomed. Thank you

by: Danni

I have 2 miniature Schnauzers who are roughly the same age, one male and one female. My male dog is really good when we go out and isn't fussed by other people or other dogs but when we are in the house he barks whenever someone walks past the window. My female dog is the complete opposite and screams with excitement at everything! She is a nightmare on walks as she screams at other dogs, other people, and even birds. I have tried to distract her with various things but she pays no attention whatsoever. She is the same in the garden as she screams at the slightest thing. I have run out of idea's to try with her now.

Schnauzer screaming

Abby is 9. She screams when we walk and she sees amother dog or person. In back yard, she screams when she sees another dog or person pass by. In house, she screams when door bell rings or if she sees a person or dog walking by house. Other than that very well behaved, listens, trained. Just cannot break the screaming.

Screaming PeddletonTerriers
by: Ms SD Lofton

I've had my girls since they were 7 wks old. They are now 4 yrs old. The both are comfortable around a coworkers German Shepherd who is much larger than thy are. If a smaller dog runs up to them one will growl while the other will act motherly toward it. Yet when walking and they see a dog walking on a leash outside with it's owner they both will start screeming like banshees. Even when they are looking outside and someone walks by the house or across the street with a dog they start screeming at it. Can you HELP please?

Zulu screams too!
by: Anonymous

I love her so but can't get her to stop.

Hysterical Schnauzer
by: Judy Morley-Hall

What a relief it is to read that my Milly is not alone in screaming, spinning round and generally frightening everyone around her when we approach other dogs on leads. Immediately she has been nose to nose with the approaching dog she is quiet and loses interest. If a dog/s are spotted across the road, anywhere nearby she becomes another dog.
She, like many others I am reading about is a rescue dog and my vet believes in the first, critical l6 weeks of her life she was not socialized. I take every opportunity to let her run and play with other dogs (when she is off the lead) but I now drive to my destination as it is terrifying for all to hear her screams when she sees other dogs (and she is on the lead).
I will take all the advice I have read and would be grateful to learn of any other actions I can do to calm this girl down. With many thanks.

Desperately seeking advice.
by: Annette

I have an 18 month terrier x rescue dog. He acts like a puppy, eating everything,edible and non edible, and basically wants to steal everything and play all day long. That I can deal with. He is such a happy, friendly little chap, but his screaming with excitement when he see's another dog,is relly getting me down!Blocking his view,and trying to get his attention through command and treats just doesn't work, once he has a dog in his sight, he doesn't want to know.The disapproving looks I get, you wouldn't believe, I always ask explain he is friendly and just wants to play and a lot of people are happy for him to approach, and he is fine most of the time, although he is sometimes too excited and jumps up at the dog, which apparently is bad manners. I have kept him on an extender lead as we have had him 6 weeks, and is rubbish at recall. Please help,this is really getting me down.

screamibg 4,year old! help
by: kg

Hi there we adopted 2 3 year olds..the most gorgious natured schitzu Maltese crosses. One is overly excited fir walks and other well behaved has started screaming uncontrollably when coming across other dogs..Helpppppppplease..adore her and want walks to be a joy not a stress for dogs worried they'll have heart attack! Thankyou

Me, too
by: Anne G.

We have a new rescue 5-yr old Cavalier that was surrendered by her owners supposedly because they are working long hours and no longer had time for her. I sense that she spent a lot of time by herself. She loves people and other dogs and is semi-leash trained, but getting better. She learns new commands very quickly. We've only had her three weeks. In the past few days, she has demonstrated unnaccepable high-pitched shrieking on the leash when she sees another dog. She also did it with a squirrel. But we have another dog who also walks with us, and we have squirrels in the back yard! We need to stop this behavior before it becomes ingrained, and I would like to have your materials!!!! Thank you.

And Mine Also
by: AnonymousAK

My 6 yo schnauzer does this it's so embarrasing! The only thing that gets him to stop is making a fart noise with my mouth and hand---seriously----and that's even MORE embarrassing!!! Please email me the rest of the instructions I will be forever grateful!!


Help is on the way
by: Schnauzers Rule

Hi Sue,

I received you personal contact message and I am in the process of sending you some advice. In the meantime, since you posted your question here too, and Anna is having a bit of trouble, I will offer up this brief training tip. But I will send you more detail help for Kernal (replies here are limited to 3000 characters)

For the Leash - Have Kernal sit. When he sees the leash and goes bonkers - put the leash down and ignore your dog until he has calmed down. Once he is calm begin the entire process again. He will learn fairly quickly he needs to remain calm in order to go for a walk.

For Crossing the Path of Other Dogs - This is a bit more difficult. Here is what I want you to try.

1. First teach your dog the WATCH ME command.

2. Buy a non-pulling dog harness and use on all walks.

3. Carry a small treat bag with tiny treats (I train using Zuke's and as small as they are, I actually cut them in half or thirds!)

4. Now it's time to take Kernal for a walk. First be sure he is calm before heading out. He should know the watch me command, be wearing his harness, and you should have some treats on hand.

5. Once you see a another dog and owner begin to approach, immediately command Kernal..... SIT - PRAISE - TREAT. Then put yourself in a position that blocks his view from the other dog and command ...WATCH ME - PRAISE - TREAT.

Sue, the rest of the training exercises are being sent via email due to the character limit of replies on these forms.

It doesn't happen over night but he will get it.

Anna, I hope this info helps you too. If you need further info, use the contact form and send me as much info as you can about your situation, and I will try to help you further, also.

Schnauzers Rule - Training by Athena

Mine too
by: Anna K

My older one, Max aged 4 screams at other animals and especially children riding bikes or trikes. I have no answer--it is a constant struggle. I would like to know how to correct it.

Anna at akelliot@bwtelcom.net

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