4 Dog Tricks Every Dog should Learn

Teaching a new dog trick to your Miniature Schnauzer is one of the best ways to interact with your dog. Training provides you quality time with your dog and further strengthens the human-canine bond. And the process of learning provides your Miniature Schnauzer with the mental stimulation he needs and craves. 

So once your Miniature Schnauzer has mastered the Dog Obedience Training Series, he's ready to learn some new dog commands and tricks.

Dog trick training will improve upon what your Miniature Schnauzer already knows and make it even better by constantly reinforcing previous learned behaviors. Your Miniature Schnauzer will be a more confident and happier dog. Plus, a dog who learns to perform tricks is a more well-behaved dog overall.

Each of the 4 dog tricks listed below are with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. This will make the training process easier for you and your Miniature Schnauzer. And each one is a very important command every dog should know.

Advanced Obedience Training

I call the first 4 tricks Advanced Obedience Training and encourage each dog owner to train their Miniature Schnauzer these dog commands. Why?

The Advanced Obedience Commands will assist you in teaching your all types of dog tricks... AND... they are very important dog commands for your dog's safety. For example, if your Schnauzer picks up something in his mouth that could harm him... when you say DROP IT he will release it. So let's get started...


The WATCH ME dog command teaches your Miniature Schnauzer to pay attention to you and ignore everything and everyone else around him.

  1. Have your Miniature Schnauzer SIT in front of you.
  2. Hold a treat between 2 fingers and put that hand next to your eye.
  3. Call out your Miniature Schnauzer's name.
  4. The very second your Miniature Schnauzer is looking at you command WATCH ME and give him the treat.
  5. As your Miniature Schnauzer masters this trick, you will motion your hand only to your eyes – Point your index finger to the outer corner of one eye and say WATCH ME.

Praise with a verbal Good Boy and a treat. Gradually increase the length of time your Miniature Schnauzer must remain focused on you before rewarding him with a treat.


The WAIT dog command teaches your Miniature Schnauzer to be patient for a moment - as another dog command is about to take place.

dog trick training tip: WAIT is different from STAY. The STAY command means don’t move until I come get you.

Begin training the WAIT command after your Miniature Schnauzer is able to remain in the STAY position for for at least 30 seconds.

  1. Have your Miniature Schnauzer SIT in front of you.
  2. Face your Miniature Schnauzer - point your index finger at him and command WAIT.
  3. Take 3 steps back away from your Miniature Schnauzer. Point your finger at him again and command WAIT.
  4. Back up 3 more steps. Point your finger at him again and command WAIT.
  5. Wait 5 seconds - then use the release command word - Okay with a happy light voice. This lets your Miniature Schnauzer know it's okay to move.

If your Miniature Schnauzer does not move command him to COME. Either way, when your Miniature Schnauzer reaches you, give him his treat and praise him.


The LEAVE IT dog command teaches your Miniature Schnauzer to ignore whatever you want him to stay away from.

  1. Put a tablespoon of tuna fish in a bowl on the floor.              note: Do not use your dog's eating bowl when teaching this dog trick!
  2. Put your Miniature Schnauzer on a leash.
  3. Walk your Miniature Schnauzer a few feet away from the dish with tuna.
  4. When your Miniature Schnauzer looks towards the dish command LEAVE IT.
  5. As soon as your Miniature Schnauzer looks up at you reward him with Good Boy.
  6. Continue to practice this by walking your Miniature Schnauzer closer & closer to the dish.
  7. When the session is over – put the dish away and reward your Miniature Schnauzer with a different treat.             

IMPORTANT Your Miniature Schnauzer's treat reward must NOT be the bowl of tuna fish, as you just taught your dog this item OFF Limits. But do be sure to reward your Schnauzer with a really good dog treat and lots of verbal praises!

dog training tip: I like using tuna fish when I train dogs because the smell is strong and really entices the dog in its direction. You, of course, can use whatever food or item you like.

As your Miniature Schnauzer gets better with this command, start practicing LEAVE IT with your Miniature Schnauzer OFF the leash and place the off limits treat or item directly in front of your Miniature Schnauzer.

Command your Miniature Schnauzer to LEAVE IT. Your Miniature Schnauzer will soon learn that LEAVE IT applies to whatever you want him to stay away from.


The DROP IT dog command teaches your Miniature Schnauzer to release whatever he has in his mouth.

  1. Place a forbidden object on the floor – like a slipper.
  2. Call your Miniature Schnauzer into the room (have a dog treat in your hand – but don’t let your Miniature Schnauzer see it yet).
  3. When your Miniature Schnauzer sees the slipper and picks it up command DROP IT.
  4. Now show your Miniature Schnauzer the dog treat. Your Miniature Schnauzer will drop the slipper in order to get the treat.
  5. Pick the slipper up and place in front of your Miniature Schnauzer's nose.
  6. After he takes it – command DROP IT – show a treat - when your Miniature Schnauzer releases the slipper - reward him.

This should be done only about 3 times and then stop. Why? Schnauzers are smart and yours will quickly realize you have treats and really don’t want him to chew the slipper – so, he won't even take it anymore.

Therefore, to continue with the DROP IT training, keep treats nearby and throughout the day when you see your Miniature Schnauzer take something you don’t want him to have command DROP IT – and when he releases - reward your Miniature Schnauzer with a treat.

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