boy or girl?GUESS!

by Cecilia TSAO

My mini schnauzer is super. This is the first line I can think of. Super Alert, yet friendly. It is great with dogs, Has a mind of her own, if you force her do things or try to discipline it in public with an authoritarian tone in your voice, she will do exactly the opposite just to show that "If I do not respect you I will not follow your order. Check who's the boss". It displays obsessive and jealousy behavior when I play without dogs; towards my mac; and notebook and ball pen. However, very obedient to commands. So it turned out that it just wanted my attention that is all, no big deal. We sort it out.

It has complex psyche. No, IT is a complex by itself. Also royal to the core. Nobody lures her not even my friends with food.

Mini schnauzer is my favorite breed, when I was in school I got a nice one from a good breeder however I was too preoccupied with lots of other things, which were not important at all now that I think of. So I gave that baby girl back to the breeder and ask Sir Alex not to sell her anymore and he honored the promise. So when I started to work, I went to a pet market, and saw this mini. I went back home, thought about this, and previous experiences, etc.etc. Last time before I took that Mini from the breeder I prepared everything except myself, this time would be different I told myself. Now almost half a year passed, I managed my schedule fine. I contacted Sir Alex and he said I could get another Mini from him, no charge. So far everything is smooth. XD.

This Mini I have refuses to be stationary for even five seconds consecutively. So I have to put it up on that small desk. Look at it, it is not happy about the fact that it cannot move freely. It looked at me, as if asking: What you doing with that thing in your hand? Is that a new toy? Why you put me up here? Hey, I do not like it here I am gonna stand up. Hmmmmm looks high up here, errrr ok fine, I'm gonna sit down again. mmm. MAYBE I should jump.. jump or not jump..
Guess it is a boy or a girl, so far everybody, I mean EVERYBODY got it wrong. :)

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Jan 28, 2013
Play with him
by: Anonymous

Please don't confine him. I have 5 mini's and they will jump from the table. Depending on the height, he could break a leg or worse. and it also teaches him to get on the table. Instead of confining him, play with him. Play catch, hide and seek, chase the ball, anything that will keep him occupied. If he gets enough play, he will stay still. A mini was not meant to be still, they are active and need to be stimulated, so they will sleep when tired. Also calling the little fella an it, is not very nice. I hope you treat him good, as it does not sound like you are. These little fella are very affecionate and loyal.

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