Bear Aka.. Mr Fredericks

by Miss Christine Allen
(Caversham reading)

Oh hello

Oh hello

Oh hello
My serious Schnauzer pose
Yes I could be mistaken for a Jedi

My Freddie Bear Is my world! This is no ordinary sob story! Mr Fredericks (formal name) Had a very narrow escape with Schnauzer Heaven..

On a serious note he survived a fall from a 6ft garden wall with a broken pelvis and a broken left back leg! After 6 weeks of complete cage rest my boy is back :)) He is incredible and a very unique boy! He is now just over one year old and shows no signs that he was ever poorly!

Mr Fredericks is my absolute world, he is my four legged son and he is so very different to the "Average Schnauzer" we call him our teddy bear as he is the most silliest, softest, well behaved little man, and we wouldn't be without him! May I also add that he has extremely long legs for a mini, when people at the park make a comment we answer with " he's the son of a Giraffe" haha!! A long legged miniature Schnauzer....

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Dec 04, 2013
lovely Bear
by: Sasha's mum Anjali

Hr is soo cute and he looks a lot like my Axk who is 7 Months old now, he too have long legs...

Fredericks is very lucky..
enjoy all the unconditional love and crazy moments...

Schauzers are the best...

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