by Joanne Roehling
(Ashburn, Virginia, USA)

I should be a Spokes Model

I should be a Spokes Model

I should be a Spokes Model
Puppy Power
Mini Schnauzer Ammo
Miniature Schnauzer Ammo

Ammo is our first Mini Schnauzer. We have always had big dogs and multiple dogs at one time. We were left with one recently due to old age and wanted to give Lucky a playmate, so we researched the Mini Schnauzer and purchased our first one.

We went to the breeder knowing we wanted a boy and in black/silver. He was the only one in the litter that was NOT howling, just sat in front of us looking up. SOLD - and Surprise it was a boy and a black/silver - FATE

Ammo was named after our two daughters (Amber and Morgan). They are both all grown up (20 & 23) It worked perfectly taking the first two letter of each of their names. PLUS he is a SILVER BULLET running around the house. Can you say HIGH ENERGY!

He is now my husbands best friend. If you told my husband 1 year ago that a dog would be sleeping between us, he would tell you, YOUR CRAZY. Ammo is a cuddlebug - always on our laps and giving love. He has his own Facebook and twitter page with lots of followers. He'll be ONE on November 17th.

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