A home for Old Man Dean

by Maggie
(St George, Utah)

Our family had a previous 12 year old mini Schnauzer that passed away just after Thanksgiving due to MRSA. My father has always had rescue Schnauzers. I have always loved this breed.

In Sept of 2015 I began seeing photo of a Schnauzer on FB for one of my local shelters here in Southern Utah. Day after day I saw his picture and was sad to see him still there. He was listed as 8 years old and had been abandoned by a lake here during the hot summer days of 100+.

One day my daughter says I am at the shelter do you want to come and meet "franz", the name the shelter gave him. She came and got me and took me to meet him. I fell in love with him right away. I sat down on the concrete stoop in the play yard and waited to see what would happen. He came right over to me, without me calling him, sat next to me and leaned against me. And that was that. I knew he was much older than 8 and I didn't care. He also had some serious mouth and cracked, broken and missing teeth, causing the worst breath ever. My daughter was his benefactor paying a lot of money to get his mouth fixed, he ended up with four teeth :)

We found out he was 12 years old! He was named DEAN by me and we often call him old man Dean. He is wonderful!!!! He plays, is very high spirited, and constantly waggles his little tail. I am so thrilled with him. Dean keeps me company, is a great guard dog. I love him. He is now 13 and still going strong.

Vet says he is a full Schnauzer just his ears were never done. He does have a docked tail, and all the lumpy bumps and fatty tumors Schnauzers are prone to. He has a very healthy heart which was great to here.

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thanks for all the nice comments
by: Maggie O

thank you so much for your interest in old man Dean's story. I hope that someone may read this and consider adopting more Senior dogs. I certainly won't have him for his whole life and if I can make his final few years great I certainly will. These are very special dogs, not only because they are Schnauzers. ( of course that helps haha). My plan when Dean's time has passed is to find another senior to rescue/adopt. I am so lucky that our shelters here in Southern Utah are NO KILL - Dean wouldn't be in my home without the great people at Hurricane Animal Shelter


Lucky boy
by: Schnauzer Fan

Dean is a beautiful schnauzer giving you back the love you give him like only a schnauzer can do. Schnauzers are the most lovable and giving dogs even after rough times like he went through. He is very lucky to have found you.

My heart melted...
by: Sasha's Mum Anjali

Aweee... soo cute..
Wishing and sending good wishes to you to have many more years of togetherness...

Handsome Dean
by: T St Louis

I'm so glad you found one another. The old man looks good! Schnauzers are the best family members. I agree they are almost human. Makes me so angry someone abandoned him. I hope you have many more happy years together. Bless you all.

by: Anonymous

oh Nanette how Sad!. Our beautiful boy Brutus, prior to Dean died at 12 from kidney problems and MRSA. His sister Trinity died from Kidney problems at age THREE. My father has always had rescue Schnauzers , he currently has three but over the years has cared for at least 10 or more HAHA


Dean is the light of my life. I am so grateful he wanted me

Beautiful boy
by: Nanette

What a beautiful boy he is. It breaks my heart when people abandon these beautiful schnauzers. I am so happy that you and Dean found each other. I have 4 schnauzers, Mom, Dad and their 2 girls. We lost another of their little girls a year and half ago, She had just turned 6 years and developed kidney failure. Such a sad time. Schnauzers are such good, loyal companions and very smart. I hope you and Dean have many more years together.

Adopt older dogs!
by: Melissa

After losing our 14 year old beloved schnauzer child KIP to CHF 3/2016 we were devastated!!! After several months we new it was time to rescue so went to RescueMe.com and found 10 year old Sam from SC. He's blind in one eye but otherwise in great shape. He is such a great loving fit to our family of 4 rescue cats. We are so lucky as we are sure he is a gift from heaven sent here to mend our broken hearts. When adopting look to older dogs too! Sam is so well trained and a perfect gentleman (-: Blessed once again with a mini schnauzer. Cheers, Melissa in CT

Old dogs
by: Greg Clark

looks like my1yr old rugerredhawk.if have a 14yr old salt&pepper and she is still spunky,and I know its a matter of time,but I try not to think about it we have had some great times.sometimes I think they are human.may he rest in peace.

Old Man Dean
by: Anonymous

Thank you for giving this sweet fur baby a forever home and making him feel loved and whole again. I just love the ears. My schnauzer Gretel has ears just like that. Schnauzers are the best! Gotta Love Those Schnauzers.

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