A Forever Home for Baylee

by Tammi
(Germantown, TN)

Before, when she was hopeless

Before, when she was hopeless

My husband and I lost our beautiful big girl, Maggie to cancer. We adopted a Golden Retriever mix(Molly)from our Humane Society but none of our older dogs wanted to play with her, so we were feeling bad and started looking for a playmate.

We have committed to always rescue, so since we have a high kill shelter here, we started looking there first. The "before" picture included was the picture on the shelter's website. I had no clue what kind of dog she was but knew that since that was the only picture the shelter would ever show, she had little to no chance of being adopted and would lose her life within 30 days of being there.

The day we went to see her they had shaved her to the skin but she was PRECIOUS! She has the exact personality described on this site. We know she is a mix but is THE MOST loving, loyal, sweetest, funniest dog we have ever seen and she "talks" all the time.

Neither of us has had any experience with a Miniature Schnauzer but are so glad we took a chance on this wonderful girl. She LOVES her home and sleeping with her brothers and sisters in our big bed and the best part is that she LOVES and plays with her sister Molly. She has a personality much bigger than she will ever be, the previous abuse and neglect hasn't dampened her sweet spirit, she is always happy and snuggly, obedient and smart...she is the whole package and she will NEVER go hungry, have fleas, be neglected or abused or be in need of a home ever again!

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by: Jean

What a sweet dog! I suspect you are a blessing to each other. Good for you and all the fur babies.

Happy Baylee
by: Anonymous

Hello I'm writing from New Zealand, where Mini Schanuzers and small dogs in general are clamoured for, I've never seen one in such neglect so Baylee is especially lucky you looked past all that to her real beauty, you are lucky also to find her, and her smart and cheeky ways sound spot on for a Schnauzer mix, also her looks :).

by: Tammi

Thanks for your sweet responses. She has brought so much more fun and laughter, didn't know that was possible since the other 4 are pretty cute and funny themselves but she is such a little firecracker! I just can't imagine if I had not seen her and her little sweet light had been put out because people are cruel and awful. Our house is a sweeter place because Baylee is here and I'm so glad we didn't miss out on her.
Are we correct in assuming she is at least part miniature schnauzer? We have no experience with this breed but everything I've seen and read, led me to this conclusion. No matter, she's still the funniest, quirkiest, most animated little baby we have ever seen. Personality bubbling over and the noises she makes, that funny little voice, she is precious. We laugh out loud at her every day and she plays like a puppy with her sister, Molly. (Molly is the Golden Retriever mix in the above picture) They say she is 5-6 years old but you wouldn't know it by watching her activity level. She is amazing! Thanks again for reading her story.

by: T St Louis

Bless you for saving this sweet girl. Brought tears to my eyes looking at her before picture. A little mini under all that hair. She is beautiful and you are, too. What a lovely family she has now.

What a blessing for Baylee
by: Sasha's mum Anjali

You are such an angel to do this...
bless.. Bless....

Baylee.... you are a sweet heart.

Rags to Riches
by: Phyllis

Sweet story.

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