by Robyn
(Lansing, MI, USA)

Taken by Express Yourself Photograpy

Taken by Express Yourself Photograpy

Taken by Express Yourself Photograpy
Taken by Express Yourself Photograpy
Taken by Express Yourself Photograpy
Taken by Express Yourself Photograpy

The heartbreak from losing a schnauzer can only start to heal with the love of another schnauzer. So a few months after losing our 15 year old schnauzer to kidney failure I started looking on every rescue and breeder website I could find. Over several days and many hours of searching I found a local breeder that had the picture of the cutest 10 week old puppy named Zeke with the description underneath the photo that he was a big mama's boy. I called the next day with the list of questions in my hand and finally got all the answers I wanted to hear. He was perfect and I got a good vibe from the breeder. That same day we went to look at him, his parents and surroundings. I still felt he was perfect so we took him home. He is now 1.5 years old and very much a mama's boy.

When we go out in public he has to go up to every person he meets for some lovin'. (That is if they haven't already come up to him wanting to know all about him.) He likes to snuggle, play with toys, wrestle with his schnauzer brother, travel, chase our cat, do agility and just be a clown. He doesn't like the winters in Michigan and most of the time he is not very fond of walks. (He usually ends up being carried.) His favorite toys would be the plastic teething keys and the Nylabones.

He is the sweetest boy and we cannot imagine life without him!

Schnauzer of the Month Winner

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Beautiful dog
by: Remi Valdez

Wow!!! Beautiful dog. Sorry to hear about your
Dog. Schnauzers are so easy to get attached to. I bet Zeke is alot of fun

by: Anonymous

Robyn, you are so welcome. He is a precious little boy. I have a few here right now just like him. Got to love these babies.

What a beautiful boy Zeke
by: Anonymous

Zeke reminds me of my Erikka at the Rainbow Bridge. She has ears like him. She was my first schnauzer girl. Sending xoxo s, some schnauzer licks of course. anne n blairs angel gabriel blk n silver toy schnauzer

Congratulations to you and Zeke
by: Hugo's mom

Zeke is beautiful. It sounds like he is lucky to have landed in your home. Congratulations on Schnauzer of the MOnth. He will be a beautiful addition to the calendar. ;o)

Thank You
by: Robyn

Thanks Cindy! His personality is just as cute as his looks!
Thank you Stacey for bringing him into our lives!

Congratulations Zeke
by: cindy

Congrats to Zeke for winning Schnauzer of the month. Love the ears. ;) What a cutie!

by: Stacey

Look at my handsome boy. He looks great Robin. I am so glad he has done so well with you. He was a pretty special boy to me. Keep the pics coming I love to see them. I have the one of him in the bed on my webpage. HE LOOKS GREAT!!

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