by Melissa Heard

Miniature Schnauzer Yuki

Miniature Schnauzer Yuki

Yuki is our first schnauzer and the reason we have fallen in love with the breed. We got Yuki through a breeder and we had to drive out of state, to the breeders home, to pick up our little Yuki. We named her Yuki, because Yuki is Japanese for snow, and thought it perfectly describes the color of her fur. She was born in August 2010 and is bossy, feisty, and clever.

Prior to owning Yuki, I had other dogs, but never a schnauzer. I have read lots of literature about schnauzer intelligence, but it wasn't until one day I had my first true experience with schnauzer intelligence. I was sitting on the couch snacking on something. Yuki was of course begging for my food, and I was ignoring her. We have taught our two schnauzers to ring a bell on the backdoor to go outside to do their doggie business. After giving up on begging, she rang the bell to go outside. I set my snack down on the end table, walked to the backdoor, unlocked the door, and opened it. Only, Yuki was not there by the door. I turned around and there she was eating my food. She darted so quickly in the opposite direction, I didn't even see her sneak by me. I could not believe it, she used the bell as a distraction, so she could eat my food. I was actually outsmarted by my own dog! I couldn't help but laugh, but that was the last time she'd pull that one on me!

Schnauzer of the Month Winner

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by: Juhani

I love it Yuki really outsmart you I am still smiling she is beautiful I love my little schnauzer.

by: Debbie

Your story made me laugh out loud! I had my Sophie (white schnauzer for 12 years and will miss her forever!
Noe I have Zuzu mini black! I love her too! I think I will teach her to ring a bell!

Zuki the Dog
by: Linzee

Hi Melissa and Yuki,

I have a shnoodle named Zuki, he looks identical to Yuki. I was on pintrest looking at shnoodle puppies and Yuki popped up. I actually thought it was Zuki. They are twins! I thought that someone had posted pics of him, especially since there names are so close. Just thought I would send you a note and a pic.

Linzee Wright

by: Jessica

She is so cute and I love the snack story.I am a white male schnauzer and I thank I am smart also.

by: Anonymous

i saw your baby and she brought tears to my eys.i loved my baby schnauzer for 13 years . We were like soul mates . I miss her so much !

I have a Yuki
by: Anonymous

Soooo cute! We have a 4 year old white mini named Yuki, too! She was born Nov 2010 so they are close in age!.

by: Anonymous

What breeder did you get Yuki from?

by: Anonymous

Where did you get that hoodie??

How adorable
by: Kiricat

Brilliant story, and your little Schnauzer is gorgeous, love the jumper too !

by: Dennis

Yuki is so adorable and that shirt suits her very well. I got a mini for Christmas 2011. She was born November 5th so almost 4 months old. I named her Mina, in German it means Love or Lovely. Both her sisters were white and she has some in her, more of a blond than white but salt and pepper as well. She is an amazing dog and I love her to death. Would not let her go for a million bucks. It is truly a daily pleasure to see her.

by: Anonymous

I adore this picture and how yukis coloring matches his t-shirt. i would love to know where that shirt came from or who it is made by. it would look super cute on my little fella.

More fur please
by: Amy

Would like to see a photo of Yuki with natural coat only! Congratulations.

by: Juhnai

She is so cute and I love the snack story.I am a white male schnauzer and I thank I am smart also.

by: Melissa Heard

Thank You everyone for the kind comments! Winning schnauzer of the month is so cool!

so cute
by: jackie

yuki is so cute!!! love the story too, haha

by: earl & carolyn

beautiful puppy.......luv the color-just like our good boy Casper R.I.P.

very cute
by: Robyn

Love the picture and the story! Thanks for sharing.

Beauty in the White
by: beth

Yuki is soooooo beautiful and what a great photo. White Schnauzers always photograph better with dark background or wearing a piece of bright clothing like the stripe shirt you have on Yuki! Love it! ... and visa versa for black Schnauzers ;)

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