Treats for training Schnauzer w/ stones

by Patricia

I rescued a Miniature Schnauzer. He was a stray and overweight. He is a love, but developed Calcium Oxilate Bladder Stones. He is on U/D dog food but what if any dog training treats can he use to prevent stones and weight gain. The W/D which is for weight reduction is not appropriate for his type of stones. I had him down almost 10 pounds until the stones.

I do give him carrots, beans and other veggies but he is limited in them. Also is there a food for his particular stone that isn't quite so expensive And, is there a Vet approved homemade food that anyone is aware of?

It cost me over $2,000 to have the 22 stones removed. I am retired and have another Mini so money is tight. Thanks in advance for any and all help with this issue.

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recipes for oxalate stones
by: Anonymous

You might want to read this post by another owner dealing with stones

Thank you!
by: Patricia

Thank you for your response. What the heck good does it do to have your dog on the expensive Vet diet for a particular type of stone when your dog can develop the other type while on the food for the other. Why don't they develop a dog food that will work on preventing either type of stone? Oh wait, maybe MONEY. The dog food companies are in it to maximize profits. I am so glad that you told me about your dog's bladder stone history. And I am so sorry for both you and your dog. Minnesota has a clinic that specializes in bladder stone research. I will be contacting them about other options for my Schnauzer. Any further information from blog readers would be appreciated.

Don't take this wrong way, but...
by: chaco_kid

I think their expensive food is garbage, my dog hated it, and it caused huge problems with the stone and other things. I had that type of stone removed from my mini (the vet found a stone, put her on the special, $$$$ diet, & the stone grew huge within 6 wks she had to have surgery. Within another 3 years she had to have stone surgery again - but it was for the opposite type of stone - struvite (if you've looked the two types are opposites & so are the diets). You can get fish PH strips and make sure the urine is maintaining the higher acidity & you can give things (like apple cider vinegar) to help it. I also got good at spotting when she was starting to get UTIs - aggravated stones cause UTIs, UTIs can cause the stones to get bigger - vicious circle... See if you can get help for a natural diet with supplements & monitor. Hopefully they won't have more stones, but once they have them they are always likely to get more. You can only do your best - more natural is NOT more expensive than their special diet, & your pup will thank you too.

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