Then came Nina

by Sam Parthasarathy
(Orlando, FL, USA)



I am 70 years old and until last year was scared of dogs and never owned one. Then Nina (4 years old) entered my life and absolutely has taken control of my life. Smart, funny, very affectionate, entertaining, at times rambunctious, and with an attitude only Mini Schnauzers could have. She talks to me listens to me and is just a part of me.
What I am worried about is losing my mini before i die! I will be devastated. I hear about Minis prone to diabetes, pancreatic cancer, blindness and others. How do I protect and keep her healthy. She doesn't like dry food, picky about food, thrives on treats and easily puts on weight. By the way, how much she should weigh? I see different weights listed in the Internet for a 4 yr old female miniature schnauzer. I would like to hear from the real owners. How much she should eat? How many calories. Dog food labels do not tell the truth and play on words. Believe me, I am an nutritionist.
yet another question. Should I get a companion for Nina? Are they Ok being alone as a dog? (Either my wife or I are always with Nina).

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Hello Nina

Congratulations on finding Nina! As far as not liking food, it is probably because she knows if she doesn't eat it you will feed her treats. Schnauzers are smart. Find a high quality food and feed her a small amount in the morning and again at dinner. You can read about dog food on our website here:

And while Schnauzers are prone to some of the diseases you mentioned, try not to worry about it. Just enjoy her. Take her for walks. Spend quality time with her. Brush her down at night. And if you ever notice any signs of her acting any differently then normal, take her to the vet if you are concern. No one knows your dog better than you. You will know when she needs help.

To answer the weight question: Schnauzers range in size but a 4 year old Mini Schnauzer (between 12" to 14" tall) should weigh between 11 to 20 pounds.

And as far as getting her a companion - that is up to you. Get a second dog if you want one. Nina will be fine as an only dog though. That's an individual choice.

I hope you will share more stories of Nina with us in the future. And I am so happy you all found each other. Schnauzers are just the best dogs ever. Their childlike personalities really make them the perfect breed... at least that's how I see it anyways! :)



by: Anonymous

My mini schnauzer, Harley Davidson will be 13 years old on June 5th. He has had 2 bouts of pancreatitis when he was younger. He eats a low fat kibble and enjoys all kinds of fruits which the vet OK'd but in small amounts. He eats grain free treats and he is a big boy at 20lbs. He does have a big sister as before I retired I always had 2 dogs to keep each other company. He may get some chicken but most human foods that contain a lot of fat I do not give. He is a therapy dog and has been for over 11 years. Enjoy your schnauzer! You can find Harley on this website:

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