Telepathy and Dogs

by mark
(leader, saskatchewan, canada)

It's no secret that dogs have more pronounced sense and mind when it comes to clarity and the ability to see and make a clear decision and to go after it. But I want to discuss the importance of your thoughts when you are around your dog, and other dogs as well.

Most recently I read up on a certain case study conducted by a university phD professor that indicated that dogs, no matter how far apart from their masters, always knew when they were coming home.

Nothing new, right? But the interesting part was WHEN the dog knew they were coming home. In each case, regardless of the breed, the dog knew when they were coming home, as soon as the decision to come home was made from the master.

This professor hooked up video tapes on each side, and told the masters to make the decision to come home, while their dog was just sitting around. Right when the decision was made, the dogs repositioned themselves close to the door and some even barked out of excitement.

While this, on the surface might seem like it doesn't hold any value, I urge you to reconsider its implications. Just like mothers, who always seem to know about their sons and daughters (if something is wrong or if something has happened). They call this intuition, but there is another word for it. It's called telepathy and this professor has made it his goal to find out the truth about it in animals.

While these animals, always just seem to know and we assume that they know because they have been taught to know or something of that nature. I would submit to you that they know because they are "telepathically" connected to the thoughts and decision that we make. They have bonded themselves to us and consider us what they have to protect.

While brave and beautiful, imagine if we knew the whole picture about what they knew. Another example would be: have you ever noticed that dogs always react to the weather and react to earthquakes before they happen. How does this make any sense under classical laws of physics? It doesn't.

So next time you take a look at your beloved animal, I suggest you be careful what you're thinking about because if they are that linked with you as you are to them, thoughts can be a very dangerous tool.

Definition of Telepathy: The supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Do you think your dog can read your mind?

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