Struvite Stones, Schanuzers at Risk

by Bernice
(Ch. N.C. U.S.A)

Angel eating healthy now

Angel eating healthy now

Angel had stones at 1 yr. old, All Schnauzers are at risk of these.

My Angel went through a horrible operation for struvite stones. I was at a loss of words since I thought feeding her just holistic foods would prevent this. But it did not, so do not be fooled by the ads. Then she was put on the worst food there was: Hill's Science Diet Prescription. With all the meat by products in it. I just cried.

Then I went on the web to find her a food and the food that was good for a Schnauzer. Most websites just wanted you to buy their book. I was really getting discouraged. I finally found a food Royal Canin prescription for Schnauzers with stones. And to prevent stones. I gave all the info to Angels Vet. She reviewed it and called me saying this was the better food for a Schnauzer. Then she said she would even order it for Angel. I was thrilled. But the other food I found in my studies through the months that was good for Schnauzers was the Innova light, it even has a Schnauzer on the bag and the can food.

This breed needs a lot of fish oil. Protein, & vitamin C. Which is not provided in the hard food. With Angel's Prescription food I add some of the Innova hard food, a good sized Teaspoon of the Innova canned food. I boil chicken breast for her. She gets a good pinch of chicken, And frozen green beans cooked, of course. And a few pieces of Beets, which I also found out the Schnauzer breed needs. Not beet pulp. Eggs & Cottage Cheese are good for your Schnauzer also.

Little Angel found out milk is also good for your Schnauzer. She gets just a little for her night cap. She only gets homemade treats now. Very important for Schnauzers no matter what age remember always low fat foods. I hope this article helps All Schnauzer owners.

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Been there
by: Another mark

My girl had 3 stone removal surgeries throughout out her 10 years of life ( I always hated putting her though the pain). Towards the end of her life we were on royal canine for stones but cause of the fat content it made her stomach sick. Long story short, bought some great cooking for your dog cookbooks.

Low Fat
by: Mary Jo

Mark you are right but Royal Canine has a low fat version of this food.
I am not thrilled with the ingredients in this food especially the corn.
Thanks for the other tips of food you can feed without problems, I need to start adding some of these.

Struvite Stones
by: Bernice

Cindy, To get the urine sample I used a flat lid from a plastic container then when they squat you just put it under them. It works pretty good this way. Then put it in a small container with a lid on it and if you are not going to the vet right away you have to put it in the refridg. And my vet charged 39.95 for the test and she didn't charge for an office visit. Hope this has answered your questions.

Sturvite stones
by: Bernice

Hi, Cindy The answers to your question are: I use a flat plastic lid off of one of the glad containers, then when she squats I just slide it right under her. She didn't even mind. It works really well this way. And the test cost 39.95. And they didn't even charge for the office visit. I hope these answers help you. And to keep your schnauzer healthy.

Struvite Stones
by: Bernice

When the test came back the her vet said they were struvite stones. I will just have her tested at the vets. But Thank-you very much for your info.

by: Mark

Cindy, before changing your babies diet i would make sure what kind of stones they have. With calcium oxalate stones, my vet has suggested a low protein diet (no meat - chicken, beef, etc).

Easiest way to get the urines test every 3 months is to have your vet do a urinalysis so the urines doesnt get contaminated. It roughly cost around $40 per test. There is equipment you can by on amazon to test yourself, just reply and I will tell you what you need.

Best suggestion is to prevent the stones ( calcium oxalate stones can only be removed surgically they don't disappear). My nine year old girl has had the surgery twice, at a cost around $1,500 each time.

Good luck.

Urine Test Question
by: cindy

Bernice, I forgot to ask how do you get the urine sample. Is there an easy way or do you just wait til she needs to potty and slip a cup up underneath her or what.

I know it sounds like a stupid question but if there is some easier way or a device you use, I would like you to explain that as well.

Thanks again.

Urine Test Question
by: cindy

Thanks for the info Bernice. I checked with this site about struvite stones too and it says you can include these foods in their diet: "chicken, beef, eggs, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese, brown rice and beans." I found it on this page, along with warning signs of bladder stones and prevention tips:

You stated you get Angel's urine tested every 3 months, how much does that cost?

BTW - she is so pretty. :)

I love this website, I have learned so much and I really appreciate schnauzer owners like you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. I hope Angel continues to be healthy.

by: KG ~ Ebenezer's "mom"

Our little Ebenezer has been on Royal Canin for Mini-Schnauzers since we first got him. It was recommended by our Vet. Also, she recommended fresh green beans, raw carrots, homemade plain yogurt treats, some fresh fruits (Strawberries, Watermelon, applesauce, etc.) Our pup has never been sick. Thanks for your article on the stones, it's certainly something we should all look out for in our pets.

Struvite Stones
by: Bernice

Angel has her urine tested every three months. To see if she has crystals or bacteria in her urine. This is a test that should be taken on all schnauzers every three months. Any crystals or bacteria in the urine mean they are on their way to getting a stone. And Thank-God the test she just had showed no crystals or bacteria. Like this web site says Schnauzers-Rule. And they are worth every penny you have to spend on them.

Struvite Stones
by: Bernice

Angel is also tested every 3 months. They check her urine for crystals and bacteria. This time she passed the test. Hopefully this will keep up. Any signs of crystals or bacteria can lead to stones.

Struvite Stones
by: Bernice

Thank you for your comments. I will keep an eye on Angel while she is on it.

Ower Hännäh
by: Sue

Thank you for your comments. Angel is beautiful.

Royal canine s/o
by: Mark

My shnauzer was also on royal canine s/o for calcium oxalate stones, however, the fat content was very high and tended to upset my girl's stomach leading to several cases of HGE. We eventually switch to a different variety of royal canine.

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