by Brenda D.
(Dallas, Texas)

Miniature Schnauzer Stash

Miniature Schnauzer Stash

Miniature Schnauzer Stash
Miniature Schnauzer Stash
Miniature Schnauzer Stash
Miniature Schnauzer Stash

My little one, Stash, was welcomed to my family on Christmas 2011. We named him, Stash, to emphasize his mu-STACHE. He is 5 months old and is very playful. He is treated like royalty around the house because he is in fact a king. He enjoys running around the back yard in full circles, and as soon as he comes inside, he flops down in his favorite spot next to momma on the couch.

Stash becomes very excited when he is introduced to new people. He becomes very hyper and runs around and slides across our wood floors. He is also the keeper to all my socks. As soon as they fall on the floor, they become his. He also gets highly entertained with tennis balls. Since we have wood floors, the tennis ball freely moves around the house and little Stash is quick to get them.

My little one has a full heart and is being raised as one of my own. I'll never forget the first day I brought him into my home, how he used to chase me onto my bed, or the first time he barked as I prepared his food. My little one has made a spot on my heart that no one can replace.

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by: Jan

What a cutie! I used to take an old sock & tie a knot in it for my mini to chew on when she was a pup. Enjoy, they are alot of fun!!

What an Awesome name!
by: Ann-maree

What an awesome name you choose for for your Schnauzer!"Stash:+}" He is adorable.My mini-schnauzer is 9months.
The bring so much love and joy, enjoy your little fellow:=}

He is Really Handsome
by: Tom - Long Island NY

Stash is incredible... !! We have two litermates, Fred and Fritz who just turned 1 year old last week.. so I can totally relate to the FUN element.. Although we have X2 :-) Both ours love socks as well... As I call them to go out in the morning I Always have to take a sock out of their mouths before taking them out... They love em !!

Enjoy !!

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