Schnauzer whines , barks and squeals when on walk and meets other dogs

by Neil


First time owner and am loving the breed. Great temperament, good fun and house trained very quickly.

However we have an issue with random barking and he wont stop and will gladly carry on under his breath until he feels its time to stop. This happens in and out of the house. I understand that they are a guard dog type but this does become intolerable sometimes and he displays pure defiance with it.

But the worst part is walks. If we go out early enough and dont meet any other dogs i can walk him off the lead. He will come to his whistle. Enjoys praise for good behaviour and lifes a blast.

If i go out and there are dogs about you may as well go home. He walks to heel np. We keep the walk routine the same but then he spots another dog. The tension is obvious in the dog. His back starts to prick up and the grumbling starts. As we approach and the other dog gets nearer the barking / whining / squeals starts to the point the other day the other owner asked what was wrong with him as he was indeed squaeling the wood down.

If he gets to the other dog he stands dominant and shakes his tail quickly almost as if to say 'Hey look at me im the boss in this place' which is great until another dog decides 'err no your not buddy'

This is driving us insane. Any help or tips?

He uses a choker for a lead not a extender and he walks at my heel with the lead slack and i just hold it with 1 finger.

I dont treat train and im talking to him quietly and calmly through the walk to offer encouragement.

Ozzy is 8mths old.

He is house trained. He doesnt need his cage at night as he sleeps in his bed and he responds to commands very well.

Highly intelligent dog and im beginning to wonder if the problem actually revolves around the owners.

Yours a confused Schnauzer owner Neil.

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Schnauzer puppy squealing
by: Janet

Help please anyone, I have an 8 year old schnauzer and have just bought another pup, he is 3 months old and sqeals historical when he sees another dog. HeLP anyone please, I have had schnauzer before and not had this. Any help please.

barking minis
by: karin

My two unneutered males who barked when seeing other dogs, joggers, walkers, have learned to not do it. It is trainable. I treat when they see someone approaching and give the command quiet... "good quiet" when done-quiet and feed/treat. You must be consistent and persistent. My dogs have learned, yours can, too. Karin

whines, barks, etc.
by: Anonymous

Sounds like your little schnauzer needs some socializing with other dogs. What about some training with other pups. My schnauzer when young would get so excited to see other dogs on walks he did the same thing.

Alfa male
by: Anonymous

I'm afraid this is there temperment!! He is an Alfa male so this is what he's going to do and nothing is going to change him!!! I have an Alfa male and he does the same thing!!! Let him smell the other dog and then it will be over!!! It's probley worse if another dog gets close to you as well he won't like it because you belong to him, you'll learn how to handle it and he will get better just keep talking to him!!! Good luck with your little sweetie!!!!

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