by Dolores Lawson
(Ocala, Florida)

Miniature Schnauzer Sabrina

Miniature Schnauzer Sabrina

Sabrina was born in Killeen, Texas on March 23, 2004 from her parents Miniature Schnauzers Jasper and Susie. My nephew Donald and his wife Christine owned them and are both stationed in the army at Ft. Hood, Texas. Donald was in Iraq when the puppies were born on his birthday. He wanted me to have one of his new pups as my Yorkie Tiffany was old and he knew she would be dying soon.

So my nephew had my brother Robert, a truck driver, stop by and pick up my new puppy in Texas and then he drove Sabrina to his house in Dayton, Ohio. We went to Independence, Kentucky in May 2004 with our Yorkshire Terrier Tiffany as our granddaughter Devan was born. We stopped in Dayton, Ohio to pick up Sabrina and bring her to her home in Ocala, Florida.

When we finally had to have Tiffany our Yorkie put down, Sabrina missed her so much that I got another Yorkshire Terrier, Abigale June, and Sabrina is her protector. Sabrina is such a lovable dog. She barks at everything and loves to sit in my lap in the evening. She does not like to play with toys and hates to go outside her fenced yard. She hates to be bathed or clipped. She greets me at the door everyday when I come home from work.

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