Pretty as a little flower - Daisy-May Sparkles

by Trish McIntosh
(Franklin, TN)

Pretty as a little flower Daisy May Sparkles

Pretty as a little flower Daisy May Sparkles

Pretty as a little flower Daisy May Sparkles
Sweet Little Daisy May Sparkles

After having losing our two lovely Schnoodle babies (Barney at 12 and Fred at 15), our lives were empty without the pitter patter of little paws. My daughter, who is currently age seven, prayed every night and wished on every star.... for a dog of her very own. Every family photo she drew in school had images of her and her parents, and always a small little doggy, with a bow in it's fur.

I spent hours upon hours looking on the internet for "the one". I figured I'd know it as soon as I saw her. I found a breeder about 30 miles from my home and we decided to take a drive to see the puppies they had. Before we left the house, I found another ad that listed a small little girl, with a pink bow around her neck. I was in LOVE. The photo I've attached of her sitting with the bow on her neck is the one that was posted in the ad.

I immediately sent a note to the seller, and set out on our way to the other breeder to see his puppies.... knowing... I had already found our dog. Right before we got to the other breeder... I got an email that the puppy in the ad was still available and we could come and see her later. She was all I could think about. The other breeder had wonderful puppies... of all shapes, sizes and colors.... and.. as much as I AM a puppy person... there was no connection.

On my way home, I emailed the person in the ad, and they told me that they would bring the doggy to our city and we could meet her there.... I showed my daughter the photo... and for her, well, it was love at first sight also... :) They didn't know my daughter dreamt of a puppy with a bow, and funny thing... when they brought her to meet us.... she had a pink bow around her neck then as well.

We've only had her for a few days.... but already she is so smart, sweet and playful. She is petite, but peppy. She loves to snuggle and play with her toys. When I drop my daughter off to school, she rides with us in the car... and just cries when my daughter walks in the front door of the school. This was the puppy my daughter had dreamt about (and me too)... and we are all so happy.... She truly has found her forever family.

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by: Mary Palmieri

She is beautiful I also have a white one, but have my little man Charlie on here Schnauzers are lovers of people a d raised arou d children. Attach very quickly. I hope you have many years of happiness together

by: Anonymous

best of luck with her;

let's hear it for the all white mini's;

R.I.P. casper,my good boy

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